Carmen Sauciuc

Founding Angel, Chicago Founder; Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
A Certified Neuro-Linguistic Therapist and Founder of Creating Ease, Carmen focuses on progressive coaching and teaching. She has been involved in and supporting the Romanian community for over two decades.

Founding Angel, Chicago Founder; Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center


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Carmen Sauciuc, CHt is the founder of the Creating Ease© Movement, a leader in Neuro-Linguistics and renowned Hypnotherapist, furthering progressive skills development while dismantling self-sabotaging thought-patterns of unhealthy habits and insecurities.

She has created several innovative mind-body connection techniques that are unavailable in conventional instructional methodologies. Maximizing the use of Neuroplasticity through a state of deeper absorption with a calm focused attention for retaining with the Muscle Memory, these practical methodologies have lasting effects.

A Mensa member, Carmen always had a high degree of self awareness and a great purity of mind; understanding complex subjects coupled with the capability to break them down to smaller pieces for common sense understanding comes easy to her. She teaches through motivation and inspiration.

Carmen is trained in Experiential Psychology certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the American Board of Neuro-Linguistics Programming and also trained with the Ericksonian Institute.

As a Life & Business Coach, Carmen believes in "working less while accomplishing more" and her unwavering passion for better-ness inspires others to further their skills development and increase their well-being.

Her strategy blends applied positive psychology -experientially- within the context of holistic cognitive behavior, and she is devoted to helping people reach their best potential.



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