Top 20 ROCO Ambassadors

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Mihai Lehene

President and Founding Member of RUF
Mihai is a Founding Member and the President of RUF. Passionate and caring, Mihai’s goal is to inspire all around him to be better and help each other, especially his fellow Romanian Americans.
Valentin Daraban

Founding Angel, Ambassador of the Romanian Community Center of Chicago
Real Estate Developer for Keeper Development INC
Cristian Merdariu

Founding Angel, RCC Chicago Ambassador
Cristian is co-founder and owner of City Habitat Realty, a successful real estate company in Chicago. He believes Romanians should work harder to express and identify themselves as one nation, to earn their own sense of value and the right to be proud.
Lavinia Tomescu

Ambassador of RoCo, Supporter of RoCo, Member of the RoCo Chicago Community Council
Eduard Chira

RUF Founding Angel, Ambassador of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
General Manager at Compass Truck Rental and Leasing. Eduard has a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Business/Managerial Economics from UBV.
Maria Molnar

Ambassador of the Chicago Community Center
Ioana Savos

RUF Founding Angel, Member of the Chicago Community Council, Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
Alina Cumpan

Founder: Authentic Society, Founding Member of RUF, Founder: Chicago Community Council, Volunteer, Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
I believe in Unity, in long-lasting programs, and in open doors for the ones that are willing to build bridges to a beautiful tomorrow. Join us today!
Ligia Apostoaia

Founding Member, Secretary of the BoD, CEO of MDL Investments
Ligia’s charity involvement began at a very young age, helping her family foundation with the distribution of humanitarian aid to the families in need in the area immediately. Today she continues to do what she is most passionate about: doing good.
Ariana Drule

Founding Member, Volunteer Coordinator
Since she moved to Chicago, Ariana earned two Master's degrees, International Public Service and Leadership Communication . Thanks to a local NPO, Upwardly Global, she was able to start her career in the US in international higher education.
Oana Dobrean-Urzica

Ambassador of RoCo , Supporter of RoCo
I identify myself with the feeling and the vision of many RUF projects, but the idea of the Community Centery of Chicago is the answer to many questions I've been asking about our community since I've been in the US, here, now, and in the future.
Gabriela Sandu

Founding Member, UX & Creative, Supporter of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” Incurable optimistic? Adina says no. We need to believe in the good that lies ahead and we can do amazing things together. Random fact: she would rather carry a camera than a purse.
Nicole Roman

Mezzo-Soprano, RUF Ambassador & VP of Donor Relations, RCCC Ambassador
Romanian-American Mezzo-Soprano Nicoleta Roman has been a prominent member of the Romanian community in Chicago for over 23 years. She is fond of her Romanian heritage, constantly promoting her values through her voice.
Dan Cosma

Ambassador of RoCo, Supporter of RoCo
Rusalina Mincu

Ambassador of RoCo, Supporter of RoCo
Remus Olah

Supporter of the Romanian Community Center of Chicago
Marian Petruta

Editor In Chief: Lumea Libera; Founder: Chicago Community Council; Honorary Member of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
De 15 ani activez in presa de limbă romană din Statele Unite, iar despre comunitatea românească din Chicago am scris și am promovat-o frecvent. Consider că este absolut necesar constituirea unui Centru Comunitar care să deservească românii din zonă.
Cristina Haidau

Volunteer, Supporter of RoCo
Cristina Costea

Supporter of the Romanian Community Center of Chicago