Founding Angels

By making this pledge, and donation, you are becoming a "Founding Angel" of RUF, immediately gaining a special place in our hearts. This is an immense vote of confidence, and it means the world to us. Thank you

The "Founding Angels" program is available to those few truly special people who really believe in us, in our mission, and everything we represent:

1. Mihai Lehene, President and Founder, RUF

2. Monica Ferchi, TransUSA Exchange, San Francisco*

3. Dana Pirvu, San Francisco

4. Calin Moigradan, Chicago

5. Ciprian Fiastru, Owner of Chicago Clean Home, Chicago**

6. Sebastian Micle, Chicago

7. Cristian Luput, Founder and CEO, Optimus Realty, Chicago


* Thank you Monica Ferchi for being our first angel


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