Romanian United Foundation (RUF) is dedicated to uniting our diaspora's opinion, community, and business leaders, creating a powerful network and opening it to our community. We strive to create effective tools and mechanisms for engagement, aiming to foster the best interests of our community. Our mission is to be the catalyst in advancing the collective goals and aspirations of Romanians worldwide.

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We believe in the power of unity and collaboration. By joining our extensive network of engaged Romanians across the globe, you become part of a significant movement. Together, we have the potential to add tens of billions to Romania's GDP, significantly contributing to the development of a robust and impactful GlobalRomanian Diaspora.

Together We Can

  • Engage Our Communities: Fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among Romanians worldwide.
  • Promote Our Businesses: Elevating the visibility and success of Romanian enterprises globally.
  • Preserve Our Culture and Heritage: Keeping our rich traditions and cultural values alive and vibrant for future generations.
  • Nurture and Support Our Future Generations: Investing in the development and prosperity of our youth, ensuring a bright future for the Romanian diaspora.

Learn More About Our Ambassadors

As a GlobalRomania Ambassador, you'll be at the forefront of community building and promoting RUF's global campaigns. This prestigious role is designed for individuals who resonate deeply with our mission and are acknowledged for their integrity, success, and influential capabilities.Β Learn more.

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For busy professionals who wish to support RUF in a more flexible role, the Point of Contact position is ideal. This role requires no fixed time commitment. As a Point of Contact, you will act as our local representative, sharing and promoting RUF campaigns and helping us connect with your community. Your involvement, however small, can make a significant impact.

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