Liviu Olos

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Frequent RUF donor, RUF volunteer, Entrepreneur
His beliefs about a Global Romania come from his father that talked about "Romanirea omenirii". Liviu is an entrepreneur, a life long learner, a business advisor and a father of two great boys. Please connect on LinkedIn to know more.
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Frequent RUF donor, RUF volunteer, Entrepreneur

founder @Loftrek: Playgrounds, Fitness & Urban furniture distributor since 2006 1.3+ mil Eur in 2023.
founder @Hospitality Marketing Solutions: Metasearch Management since 2015, 6.7 mil Eur rev/year
founder @TzontzoEvents since 2007, <=15000 participants/day, 100+ big events managed.
Experience: 27y IT, 11+ Digital Marketing, 13+ Management, 3+ IT security, Continuous learner.

In my business I often speak, negotiate and make offers to other founders, project managers and architects. I have founded my 1st business back in 1996, 2nd one in 2003, 3rd, 4th and 5th in 2006 (same company 3 areas), 6th in 2014 and I have the 7th one under development.

I would love to get involved also in other businesses as external Venture Scout/VC scout or board member. I often negotiate deals of 50 - 200k Eur, sell medium to upper range equipment and promote quality over quantity.

My Loftrek company objective is to become a major urban furniture distributor similar to Benito and Ziegler by having only design based selected products and slowly creating quality personal relations with companies from Europe.

$0.00 raised so far. Help us get to $50,000.00

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