Funds Sources: Education Campaign

Project Name: Home For Good

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Community Partner: Teach For Romania (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: September 2021

Financing: PENDING

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $16,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)


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Short Description:

“Home for Good” supports 7 scholarships for highly valuable diaspora teachers to come home and become part of the Romanian educational system for one year.



"Home for Good" aims to offer children from disadvantaged areas wider perspectives and better education by training and recruiting truly talented teachers. The project, supporting Romania's most valuable diaspora members to become part of the educational system, is trying to support 7 scholarships, for a year, for Teach for Romania participants from the diaspora.

The organization will recruit and train competent and inspirational teachers, fully integrate them into the public school system and support them to teach full-time for 2 academic years in vulnerable schools (mainly in rural areas, with high drop-out rates and poor academic performance). They work on a daily basis with their students, offering them day-by-day a better learning experience in school.

The support provided will concentrate on 2 major levels:

  •  Tutoring (including class visits from tutors, with feedback on ways to improve their teaching techniques, and also organizing support centers on dedicated days, where teachers can receive one-on-one support on specific topics from external pedagogical experts). Each teacher has a dedicated tutor, who is not only in charge of the monitoring and evaluation of the respective teacher, but offers throughout the year (on-demand, if needed on a daily basis) advice and support on teaching techniques, managing challenging situations in the classroom, etc. Currently, tutoring and mentoring take place online and offline, depending on the scenario each school finds itself in. Wherever possible, class visits take place on the field, and where schools close and classes take place online, class monitoring visits are also migrated online.
  •  A 6-week intensive training prior to the academic year and at least 4 training and experience-sharing events each year.

Regardless of the subject they teach, Teach for Romania fellows have 3 main objectives in interacting with children:

  • to work on reducing absenteeism and school dropout
  • to increase the literacy level of children
  • to grow happy children, who feel important and listened to, who have autonomy, and know how to manage themselves

All the funds raised are going toward supporting 7 inspiring teachers that come from the diaspora to offer children in disadvantaged communities broader perspectives and a chance to a better future through education.



To be available soon.

Teach for Romania


EDUCATION: Teach for Romania is a non-governmental organization, part of the global Teach for All network, that recruits and trains top graduates in Romanian universities to teach in disadvantaged schools.