This is happening!

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We are making progress on formalizing this program. We have 25+ requests (with deposits) for what we think will be a 30 kids camp.

We are also close to finalizing sponsorship to send one child for free (YeeeeY!). Details to follow.

Cost of the camp: $520 (does not include transportation)

Camp dates: July 1st - July 6th, July 7th - July 13th.

Most kids have already been in this camp in the prior years and they absolutely LOOOVED it. Every one of the kids who've been there before requested a double session, so all the kids who signed up already are going July 1st - July 13th.

Imagine your kids visiting Romania, in an organized camp, organized by parents with the support of a community organization (RUF). Your thoughts and feedback are welcome. Please visit us on Facebook and let's chat.


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