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The Future Acceleration Program in a nutshell


The Future Acceleration program is our flagship intervention, meant to identify children 11 to 16 years old in vulnerable communities in Romania and India and provide them with an integrated support package to mitigate the risk of school dropout and stimulate their potential in the long term. Therefore, we built a holistic approach which fosters the children's motivation in education and takes over the burden of poverty and marginalization, through a 360-degree support package consisting of: monthly scholarships, learning activities, clothes, schools, stationery supplies, health monitoring, digital equipment necessary to the children to attend online activities. More information about our activities.


Own Your Path (OYP) in a nutshell

Through this educational program, we will support 1000 high school students coming from families who struggle to make ends meet. In order to encourage them to successfully finish their education path, the program’s support consists of a monthly scholarship and educational opportunities, ranging from English classes to digital skills, personal development, and career orientation courses, all of which developing the students` 21st-century skills. For the 1000 high school students, the program will start in January 2023. More details about OYP.



Donate to support our educational programs!

Join us in supporting these programs by donating directly to the UiPath Foundation. The donations will benefit the 1260 kids & teenagers from vulnerable communities in Romania. Through our partnership with Romanian United Fund, a registered 501c3 in the State of Illinois, your donation is tax-deductible in the United States.

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