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    Caravana cu Medici Stands by Ukraine, April 2022, $8,500

    Funds SourcesUkrainian Peace Campaign

    Project Name: Caravana cu Medici Stands by Ukraine

    Donation Links: Ukrainian Peace Fund | UPF Facebook Fundraiser

    Recipient Organization: Caravana cu Medici

    Starting Date: April 2022

    Financing: Financed 

    Project Status: In Development

    Total Project Budget: $8,500

    Financed Amount: $8,500


    RUF financed $8,500 out of $8,500 goal. Thank you for your support.


    Short Description:

    Considering the current situation of the war in Ukraine, Caravana cu Medici Association wants to provide medical assistance to Ukrainian refugees who are transiting Romanian cities or who decide to stay in Romania for a more extended period. Therefore, the Cluj branch of the Association offers medical assistance to the refugees in need who seek medical help in Cluj-Napoca.



    The project Caravana cu Medici stands by Ukraine will provide medical assistance to both children and adults transiting through the city of Cluj-Napoca. The medical consultations will be conducted at the Refugees Centers set up by the local humanitarian support group.

    Our activity in these centers will offer medical aid, clinical diagnosis, triage, and medical treatment when possible. We also want to conduct surveys related to the vaccination status of people coming from Ukraine and transiting Romania. Furthermore, if the request for vaccination against COVID19 and other diseases, we can assist in this matter.

    All funds raised will go towards purchasing medical supplies and devices that Caravana cu Medici volunteers will use to help Ukrainian refugees in need.