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    Frontline COVID-19 Fund $8,902

    mihail_pautov.jpgProject Name: Frontline COVID-19 Fund

    Community Partner: Caravana cu Medici

    Date: April 10, 2020

    Financing: COMPLETED

    Project Status: COMPLETED

    RUF Funds Sources: Facebook Fundraising

    Total Project Budget: $32,500 (incl. non-RUF sources)

    RUF Financing: $8,902.08

    RUF raised $8,902.08 out of $32,500 goal. Thank you for your support.


    Protecting frontline workers is one of the primary ways in which we can prevent the spread of coronavirus. Through the NGO Caravana cu Medici, the organizers of this fundraiser managed to put together and send a variety of boxes containing medical protective and preventive equipment. In a couple of days, they sent 10 of those packages, each totaling RON 10,000 (approx. $2,500) to institutions around the country.

    The contributions of Dr. Mihail Pautov were substantial, as he managed not only to coordinate and mobilize the team but also to use his image as a driving force.

    Project Partners:

    Dr. Mihail Pautov
    ARCHBPTH – Asociatia Romana de Chirurgie HepatoBilioPancreatica si Transplant Hepatica
    SSCR – Societatea Studenţească de Chirurgie din România
    ASIM – Asociatia Studentilor pentru Inovatie in Medicina
    Caravana cu Medici
    Daniela Zanfira – graphics and logistics
    Marius Banu – IT support
    Alina Marinescu – illustrator
    Ioana Ticu – accounting and logistics
    Andreea Idu – volunteer
    Denis Stoica – SSCR

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    Covid-19 Campaign $780,000+

    The #RUFagainstCovid19 campaign was born out of the willingness to stand and fight together the Coronavirus/Covid-19 virus in Romania.

    In this period, 100% of the funds donated through RUF will reach one of our trusted partners from Romania and used to obtain coronavirus tests, medical equipment, ventilators, disinfectants and protective equipment for the doctors and nurses who are in the front lines!

    Questions? See our campaign FAQ

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    Donations for the Fight against Coronavirus/COVID-19

    Just made a tax-deductible donation through Romanian United Fund. 100% of donations are used to fight Coronavirus in Romania. Join me, join our fight against COVID-19!