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    💌 Letters in Backpacks Campaign, April 2023

    Become a pen pal, fill a backpack for a child in the care of social services in Romania!

    Invite your friends, join the movement!


    Romanian United Fund has partnered with Dr Loren Michaels Harris, Hope 4 Kids by Gaudiopolis and RUF Ambassador Corina Murariu Botez, to create a pen pal program between Romanian children who are in the care of social services in Romania and children born in Romanian families abroad.



    The PenPal Project is a great example of how we can bring young Romanian people from different parts of the world together to share experiences through the power of the written word. 


    Become a Pen Pal


    Your first letter will fill an empty backpack that your new friend from Romania will enjoy. Help us add to the letter and the backpack some things that can be of great use and highly appreciated by the new person who will become acquainted with you!


    Donate to Fill a Backpack


    Together, we can make an impact in the lives of 200 kids from Romania and their pen pals around the world by building compassion, understanding and the spirit of giving that ignites us all.


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