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    Little Programmers, Drawing and Animation (Fall 24)

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    Experience the ultimate programming adventure in this class! Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of coding – it's the class that's just too cool to miss! Regardless of your background or location, you're in for an AMAZING time. This course is all about high energy and rapid learning, offering an immersive and exhilarating experience.

    Still skeptical? Witness the excitement firsthand by participating in our collaborative game, crafted right in the classroom, exclusively on Khan Academy (accessible via computer only).

    Here, we're not just learning programming – we're crafting real games. Games that you and your friends can enjoy, ones that could even hit the virtual market at a price point close to $1 on the Apple Store. A word of caution to parents: this class is captivating and may trigger a coding addiction! And here's a tip: bring a friend, especially one of the same age; the fun level skyrockets when shared with your best pals.

    Key Features:

    • Class starts on October 3, 2024
    • 24 lessons 1h/week
    • Program value $1000 offered to  Members* for $100 ✨ 
    • Engaging and interactive lessons
    • Expert instructor
    • Personalized attention for every child
    • Hands-on learning

    Class Dates

    Every Wednesday, 5:30-6:30 PM CST

    Class Format

    Format: Hybrid - in person at ROCO Chicago, and/or: on Zoom 

    Class Modules

    • Months 1-3: Drawing (12 sessions) 
      • Target Audience: 8-16
    • Months 4-6: Animation (12 sessions) 
      • Target Audience: 10-16
    • Follow up:
      • Advanced students can join our private Game Building class (4 sessions + 8 Q&A sessions)

    Class Topics

    • Intro to Programming
    • Drawing basics
    • Coloring
    • Variables
    • Animation basics
    • Interactive programs
    • Becoming a better coder
    • Bonus: Resizing with variables
    • Text and strings
    • Functions
    • Logic and if Statements
    • Debugging programs
    • Looping
    • Writing clean code
    • Arrays: Intro to JS

    Game Design: The second part of class is based on students abilities and choices. Every class is different: we design a new game every time, and we walk the kids through creating their own games.

    In 2021, after two months, with just a little help, the kids were able to create their own little game. Play our game on Khan Academy, and keep an eye on our Youtube channel for the latest version.



    Meet our Teachers

    Eli Katz

    Volunteer Teacher since 2020
    Eli is a professional software developer in Chicago and has been teaching computer programming with RUF since April 2020. He is excited to promote curiosity and interest in STEM fields and inspire children in an engaging and fun class.
    Mihai Lehene

    President and Founding Member of RUF
    Mihai is a Founding Member and the President of RUF. Passionate and caring, Mihai’s goal is to inspire all around him to be better and help each other, especially his fellow Romanian Americans.

    Conţinutul acestui site/ website nu reprezintă poziţia oficială a Departamentului pentru Românii de Pretutindeni
    Proiect finanțat de Departamentul pentru Românii de Pretutindeni (martie – octombrie 2024)




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    Little Traders: Investing in the Stock Market (Fall 24)

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    Why should you join this class

    Having basic personal financial skills is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy, and secure life.

    As adults, we deal with our finances on a daily basis  through questions like:

    • The market is going up – should I participate?
    • I have some extra money, what should I do with it?
    • What’s a good interest rate and should I refinance?
    • How do loans work and how much is my monthly mortgage?

    Looking back, it would have been good if we would have been prepared to answer these questions since we were kids.

    In our engaging program, we delve into the realms of trading and long-term investing, covering crucial topics such as portfolios, diversification, interest rates, stocks, the stock market, bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Hedge Funds. Our aim is to demystify these financial concepts and make them accessible and understandable for young learners.

    What sets our course apart is our hands-on approach. Participants will have the opportunity to open actual brokerage or trading accounts, immersing themselves in the world of financial instruments. By using real financial tools, they will gain practical insights into how these instruments function in the real world.

    About the course

    • Starting Date: October 5, 2024
    • Class Teachers: Marius Moldovan
    • Class Schedule: Once a month, First Friday of every month until June 2025
    • Class Time: 5:00-5:45 PM CST (Chicago Time)
    • Target Audience: 10-18 year-olds (anyone below 99 allowed)
    • Class Format: Hybrid (In person at ROCO & Online via Zoom)
    • Value: $1000 offered to  Members* for $100 

    What you will learn

    • Learn to Read: A Market Crash Course
    • Learn to Analyze: Technical vs Fundamental
    • Opening a Trading Account
    • Technical Analysis: Charting Fundamentals
    • Fundamental Analysis: X-Ray of a Private Company
    • Practice Trading: Orders and Concepts
    • Position and Risk Management

    Conţinutul acestui site/ website nu reprezintă poziţia oficială a Departamentului pentru Românii de Pretutindeni
    Proiect finanțat de Departamentul pentru Românii de Pretutindeni (martie – octombrie 2024)


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    Little Newton Math Classes (Fall 2024)

    Registration is now OPEN

    Conquer math Kangaroo problems like never before! Learn and have fun in this adventure of knowledge and discovery. It's intense, invigorating, and undeniably enjoyable. Join us, regardless of who you are or where you're from, and unleash your inner math genius. Parents, beware! Once your child enters this world of mathematical adventures, there's no turning back. It's addictive in the best way possible. And here's a secret tip: bring a friend your age. Conquer math challenges and create incredible games together for an amplified thrill. 

    Discover the thrill of our captivating course, crafted to soar your child's Math skills to unprecedented heights, equipping them for real-world challenges, including the prestigious Math Kangaroo competition held annually in March.

    Key Features:

    • Class starts on October 9, 2023
    • 20 lessons  2h/week
    • Program value $600 offered to  Members* for $100 ✨ 
    • Engaging and interactive lessons
    • Expert math instructors
    • Personalized attention for every child
    • Hands-on learning activities

    Course Highlights:

    Explore advanced mathematical concepts beyond the classroom level, and guess what? We're not just sharing these ideas with older kids; even our younger learners will embark on this thrilling mathematical expedition. Expect to learn the following concepts:

    • Logical deduction, induction, and formal reasoning techniques
    • Discrete Mathematics (number theory, counting, sets, and probabilities)
    • Plan and three-dimensional geometry (not usually treated elsewhere)
    • Basic combinatorics
    • Equations and systems of equations

    Age Group: 🚀 Our competitive math programs is tailored for students aged 6-14 (1st - 8th grade)

    • Module 1: October - December (10 sessions)
    • Module 2: January - March (10 sessions)
    • Are you interested in other classes? See all our courses

    Why Choose Little Newton Math Course?

    • Build a solid math foundation
    • Boost confidence in problem-solving
    • Develop critical thinking skills
    • Nurture a lifelong love for learning
    • Prepare for future academic success

    Meet Our Dedicated Instructors


    Conţinutul acestui site/ website nu reprezintă poziţia oficială a Departamentului pentru Românii de Pretutindeni
    Proiect finanțat de Departamentul pentru Românii de Pretutindeni (martie – octombrie 2024)

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    Cursuri de Limba Romana / Romanian Language (Fall 24)

    Romanian Language Classes
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    Intro Cybersecurity

    Intro Cybersecurity 

    <a href=\

    What is cybersecurity?

    Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. Also known as information technology (IT) security, cybersecurity measures are designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, whether those threats originate from inside or outside of an organization.

    In 2020, the average cost of a data breach was USD 3.86 million globally, and USD 8.64 million in the United States. These costs include the expenses of discovering and responding to the breach, the cost of downtime and lost revenue, and the long-term reputational damage to a business and its brand.

    Cybersecurity is an important subject for everyone, not just corporations. It’s also vital for our children to understand how to stay safe online, and the need to be aware of any dangers that might come their way. We, here at RUF, recognize the importance of this topic, and we want to not only empower our teens with the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world safely and responsibly but also to show them that they could be following a career in cybersecurity, as these jobs will be in high demand in the future.

    Watch this short animation created by Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)of Canada for students

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    What will you learn

    • Develop digital literacy skills through exploration
    • Increase or develop an understanding of cybersecurity and the risks associated with actions taken on the internet
    • Investigate careers that require the skills and knowledge taught by this program

    Who should join this training

    Teens, young or even more seasoned adults who are curious about cybersecurity and would like to learn and understand it better. Please allocate 4-6 hours for this event

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will be empowered to engage on the internet in a mindful and safe way and be aware of potential careers in IT and cybersecurity.

    Did you know it takes just 5 minutes to hack a device?

    Cybersecurity risk is on the rise and as we are spending an increasing amount of time online, our exposure is increased. However, when you are aware of the risks, it's easier to protect yourself. This program has been developed to help students learn how to mitigate their risks.

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    Cursuri de Limba Romana / Romanian Language

    Romanian Language Classes