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    MUV, autonomous robots that sterilize hospitals $12,741

    Project Name: Frontline COVID-19 Fund

    Project Name: MUV, Autonomous Robots that Sterilize Hospitals 

    Link: Facebook Fundraiser 

    Community Partner: Funky Citizens (ProfileWebsite )

    Date: April 6, 2020

    Financing: COMPLETED

    Project Status: In Development

    Target Amount (Facebook Fundraiser):234,758$ 

    Actual Amount: 12.741$

    Short Description:

    The goal is to fundraise the development of at least 10 autonomous MUV robot and 50 mechanical ones to be donated to the hospitals fighting COVID on the front lines. The robots use a solution based on Uv asap - C to efficiently dizinfect the surrounding area. By partnering with MODULABFunky Citizens aim at covering their production costs.

    Update, July 2020

    50 mechanical robots are prepared to be sent to variety of hospitals around the country.

    Unfortunately the target sum was not met and the production of autonomous robots was not possible. Regardless, the campaign has inspired the foundations of BCR and Kaufland to adopt a hospital and fund the purchase of an autonomous robot. The aim was not only to bring a better state of cleanliness in the hospitals but to promote technological innovation as a way of achieving better conditions for the patients and for the personnel.

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    Protection Kits for Vulnerable Children $15,000

    magic_kit.jpgProject Name: Protection kits for chronically ill and financially vulnerable children

    Community Partner: Asociatia Magic

    Date: May 15, 2020

    Financing: COMPLETED

    Project Status: PENDING

    RUF Funds Sources: RUF Emergency Fund

    Total Project Budget: $70,540 (incl. non-RUF sources)

    RUF Proposed Financing: $15,000. Financed Amount: $15,000 (100%)


    Short Description

    The goal is to protect vulnerable children with severe conditions from getting infected with the new coronavirus by providing them and their families with face masks, disinfectants and personal hygiene products. The kit will contain also educative games and books in order to make the quarantine time more bearable.