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    Make everyday a holiday $22,500

    Donate to Children in Need. At UiPath Foundation, we nurture the extraordinary potential of children from under-served communities by using technology as a gateway for access to 21st-century-oriented education. For the holidays, we plan on raising money to cover the cost of scholarships for next year.
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    Solidarity Call Center, March 2022, $8,000

    Funds Sources:ย Ukrainian Peace Campaign

    Project Name: Solidarity Call Center

    Donation Links:ย Ukrainian Peace Fundย |ย UPF Facebook Fundraiser

    Recipient Organization: Geeks for Democracy

    Starting Date: March 2022

    Financing: Financedย 

    Project Status:ย In Development

    Total Project Budget: $20,000

    Financed Amount: $8,000


    RUF financed $8,000 out of $20,000 goal. Thank you for your support.


    Short Description

    From the earliest days of the war, we focused on supporting the people forced to flee from Ukraine. In addition to the punctual help provided at the border points and the NorthRailwayStation, we reactivated the call-center project, inspired by the one we developed during the Covid-19pandemic but adapted to current needs.



    Since March 10, the Call Center has received over 2000 Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, and English calls. With dedicated mixed language teams, we directly solved the requests that came to us or forwarded the a solution to the authorities. The problems faced by those forced to leave the path of war are varied, such as transport/accommodation/public and private medical services/legislation and procedures for obtaining documents, employment or entering the education system, etc.


    • We segregate data to help authorities properly assess the situation on the ground.
    • We mediate and resolve medium and long-term problems for people displaced because of the war in Ukraine to scale the efforts of the authorities and associations involved.
    • We partner with the authorities to maximize resources so that the support process is coherent and traceable.

    Geeks For Democracy (G4D) is a non-profit/non-governmental organization that operates on "volunteerism as service." G4D projects facilitate contribution-type volunteering through expertise and professionals and mobilize human resources in one-off actions with a flexible volunteer schedule. G4D projects are characterized by a SMART intervention and the stimulation of civic/social/educational volunteering through transparency, an enthusiastic approach, in a team spirit so that people feel part of a common approach, of common principles and values in which their efforts are rewarded (through credit, interactions, meaning).