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    2023 Trip to Bucovina (Adults)

    Welcome to the fascinating regions of Transylvania & Bucovina, Romania!

    About Via Transilvanica

    Via Transilvanica is a long-distance trail for walking, cycling, and horseback riding. 1,400 kilometers long, it crosses the country from Putna to Drobeta Turnu-Severin, passing through over 600 communities. Via Transilvanica is inspired by other worldwide long-distance trails, such as the El Camino, Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail. Via Transilvanica is also the largest outdoor artistic sculpture exhibition in the world.

    About the Tour

    Our 5-day Via Transilvanica hiking tour will take you on an unforgettable journey through the stunning natural landscapes and unique cultural heritage of Bucovina and Transylvania. Let us guide you through the heart of this legendary regions, following the trail of the newly established Via Transilvanica hiking route, and discover the hidden gems of this incredible part of Romania.

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    Organizers: Our tour is organized by a team of experienced and professional guides who are passionate about Romania's natural beauty, culture, and history. They will lead you through the hiking route, making sure you experience the best of this route during your trip.

    Route: The 5-day hiking tour on the Via Transilvanica from Putna to Vatra Dornei will take you through some of Romania's most beautiful and historic landscapes. You will be crossing wide terraces of rolling hills, passing through forests and meadows and traveling along river valleys. Along the way, you'll get to observe local wildlife and take in breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains. You'll also get to visit several historic sites, such as the Putna monastery, Valea Putnei open-air ethnographic museum and the old churches of Vatra Dornei. Come explore Romania's natural beauty and rich heritage on this memorable journey!


    Distance: 100 km

    Duration: 8 days / 7 nights (1st day meeting point + 5 days hiking + 2 days at Tasuleasa) 

    Cost (estimate): $1120/person

    What's included: Accommodation, meals, transportation, and guide services. Not included flights or personal expenses. **

    If you need transportation, please see below cost of transportation and route, depending on your needs. The meeting point for the bus is going to be in Cluj.

    Transportation: (by bus, at least 15 people for this cost)

    • Cluj - Putna: $40/ person¬†
    • Vatra Dornei - Tasuleasa: $15/ person
    • Tasuleasa - Cluj: $25/ person¬†

    **We strongly encourage you to make additional donations to the Via Transilvanica project and to tip your guide generously. The cost of this experience already includes a contribution to the project.

    Day 1 (July 5th) - Cluj Pickup - Anyone traveling from Cluj will be picked-up by bus.

    Day1 (July 5th) - Meeting point - Arriving at the meeting place in Putna to sleep for the night. The group will get the chance to socialize and meet each other. TBD

    Day2 (July 6th) - After breakfast we will start our first day visiting the historic Putna Monastery. The first hike will begin from Putna going to Sucevita (17km). Arrival at Sucevita for accommodations.

    Day3 (July 7th) - We will leave from Sucevita to Vatra Moldovitei (21km) for the second day hike. Lunch on the way. Arriving for accommodations in Vatra Moldovitei.

    Day4 (July 8th) - The hike will start after breakfast from Vatra Moldovitei to Sadova (22km). The day will finish with accommodations in Sadova for the night.

    Day5 (July 9th) - The hike for this day will start at Sadova and we will arrive at the end of the day to Pasul Mestecanis (21km) for the night accommodations.

    Day6 (July 10th) - For the last day of hiking we will leave Pasul Mestecanis and finish at Vatra Dornei (20km). From Vatra Dornei we will travel by bus to Tasuleasa for accommodations. 

    Day7 (July 11th) - Tasuleasa social volunteers will give you a tour of the Tasuleasa Campus where you will find many interesting things to do and see. The night will end with a bonfire and saying goodbye to another awesome adventure.

    Day8 (July 12th) -Departure- Leaving from Tasuleasa Social. 

    Updated schedule will be posted as soon as we have confirmation on accommodations and places to visit.

    It will be a wonderful journey from Putna to Vatra Dornei and ending with a great experience at the Tasuleasa Social, the birth place of Via Transilvanica! We will experience the diverse culture and breathtaking landscapes of this beautiful country. Thank you for joining us and we hope you will enjoy your trip as much as we do!

    Please check out the Traveler's Guide link below for more useful information on our route and recommended list of equipment:

    Traveler's Guide (Putna-Vatra Dornei) - English

    Ghidul Drumetului (Putna-Vatra Dornei) - Romanian



    More Details

    2021 Trip Donations VT Gala VT FAQ VT Donors

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    2022 Trip to Transylvania (Adults)

    2021 Trip Donations VT Gala VT FAQ VT Donors


    More Photos

    Get ready to embark on your trip to Transylvania. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about the Via Transilvanica trip, taking place July 2nd-12th, 2020.

    Via Transilvanica is a 1,000 km hiking trail that will reposition Romania on the world tourism map. Together we will discover the backcountry of Transylvania.


    Stay in touch: Join our Whatsapp group.

    Learn more about previous year trips:


    Trip Organizers:

    This trip is organized by Mihai Lehene in collaboration with Alin Useriu of Tasuleasa Social, the nonprofit behind Via Transilvanica.

    Trip Cost:

    The actual lodging and food during the trip are very cheap. You only pay for your own expenses, so this may be variable, but our estimate is about $1,000 per person, including travel, room & board (excluding international air fare). This does not include any donations or fees/funds for either Romanian United Fund or Tasuleasa Social. Donations are always welcome and highly encouraged.

    Trip Route:

    Arrival: Cluj, July 1st

    Jul 1  Cluj (Meet & Sleep in Cluj)
    Jul 2  Sarmisegetuza Regia
    Jul 3  Fundatura Ponorului (tents)
    Jul 4  Hobita (Retezat/Sureanu)
    Jul 5  Salasul de Sus
    Jul 6  Salasul de Sus
    Jul 7  Travel to Tasuleasa Social
    Jul 8  Tasuleasa Social
    Jul 9  Travel to Cluj/Straja


    Hiking Route:

    Jul 3: Hike from Sarmisegetuza Regia to Fundatura Ponorului

    Jul 4: Hike from Fundatura Ponorului to Hobita (Retezat)

    Jul 5: Hike from Hobita to Salasul de Sus

    Jul 6: Hike from Salasul de Sus to Salasul de Sus (circle)


    Join the Group:

    A small group will meet in Cluj on or around July 1st in the evening.

    The next morning, groups from Cluj, Zalau, Baia Mare, Alba Iulia will start towards Sarmisegetuza Regia.

    The main group meets on July 2nd, at Cetatea Malaiesti, near Sarmisegetuza Regia. On that day, we will join the Via Transilvanica section launch at 12 PM. A second meetup point is the Sarmisegetuza Regia Parking lot, at 4 PM. We start hiking on July 3rd in the morning.

    Some people may desire to join the second leg of the trip, July 7 - July 9, at Tasuleasa Social.

    Stay in touch: Join our Whatsapp group.


    Confirmed participants:

    Updated as of: January 1st, 2022

    TOTAL 42     9   12
      # of people signup date   Tasuleasa Camp   Little kids camp
    Annie & Jimmy Faklis 2 08/05/2021   Nicky Moigradan   Eliza Luput
    Claudia & Mihai Lehene 2 08/05/2021   Alexandra Lehene   Maya Daraban
    Gabriela & Alex Turik 2 08/05/2021   Stefan Lehene   Noah Daraban
    Keith Kirkland 1 08/05/2021   David Bora   Robert Apostoaia
    Monica Ferchi & guest 2 08/06/2021   Gruia Radu   David Apostoaia
    Ioana Salajanu 1 08/06/2021   Ana Guset   Denisa Zaharia
    Ioana & Sebastian Micle 2 11/02/2021   Justin Luput   Lucas Guset
    Monica & Calin Moigradan 2 11/02/2021   Alexa Zaharia   Sofia Bodi
    Monica & Mihai Bora 2 11/02/2021   Timea Nagy   Sara Bodi
    Mona & Claudiu Radu 2 11/02/2021       Sebastian Antal
    Ioana & Ionut Guset 2 11/02/2021       Alexandru Antal
    Anca & Cristian Pop 2 11/02/2021       Andrei Antal
    Simona & Cristian Luput 2 11/02/2021        
    Liviu & Anamaria Olos 2 11/02/2021        
    Cristina & Gabi Zaharia 2 11/02/2021        
    Chichita & Chisu 2 11/02/2021        
    Ligia & Radu Apostoaia 2 11/02/2021        
    Alex & Daniela 2 11/02/2021        
    Marina & Aurel Busu 2 12/15/2021        
    Diana Muresan & guest 2 12/15/2021        
    Lavinia & Viorel 2 12/24/2021        
    Monica Ferchi's 2 guests 2 12/31/2021        


    View our trekking and day by day person count spreadsheet.

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    2021 Trip to Transylvania (Adults)

    Donations VT Gala VT FAQ VT Donors


    Get ready to embark on your trip to Transylvania. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about the Via Transilvanica trip, taking place July 2nd-12th, 2020.

    Via Transilvanica is a 1,000 km hiking trail that will reposition Romania on the world tourism map. Together we will discover the backcountry of Transylvania.


    Stay in touch: Join our Whatsapp group.


    Trip Organizers:

    This trip is organized by Mihai Lehene in collaboration with Alin Useriu of Tasuleasa Social, the nonprofit behind Via Transilvanica.

    Trip Cost:

    The trip is expected to cost roughly $3,000 per person (assuming an airfare cost of about $1,000).

    Trip Route:

    Cluj, Gura Humorului, Vatra Dornei, Tasuleasa, Cluj.


    Hiking Route:

    The Vatra Dornei to Tasuleasa component is a 3-day hiking route, that will take you through the heart of Transylvania, and end at the Tasuleasa Social camping ground, where you will learn more about the wonderful organization that made everything possible.

    Other points of interest in the area: Sibiu, Biertan, Sighisoara, Cund, Lacul Rosu, Cheile Bistritei, Valea Bistritei Aurii.

    Join the Group:

    We meet in Cluj on July 2nd, at 10 am, then we travel to Gura Humorului.

    Alternatively, you can join the group from Vatra Dornei, on July 4th!, at 10 am.

    Stay in touch: Join our Whatsapp group.

    Confirmed participants:

    Locations: Cluj, Gura Humorului, Vatra Dornei, Tasuleasa, Cluj

    1. July 2nd: Meeting in Cluj
    2. July 2nd: Travel to Gura Humorului
    3. July 2rd: Gura Humorului Overnight Accommodation
    4. July 3rd: Visits to Monasteries
    5. July 3rd: Gura Humorului Overnight Accommodation
    6. July 4th: Drive from Gura Humorului to Vatra Dornei
    7. July 4th: Meetup in Vatra Dornei
    8. July 4th: Start hiking (hike day #1)
    9. July 4th: Poiana Negri Overnight Accommodation
    10. July 5th: Start hiking (hike day #2)
    11. July 5th: Lunca Ilvei Overnight Accommodation
    12. July 6th: Start hiking (hike day #3)
    13. July 6th: Arrive at Tasuleasa Social
    14. July 6th: Tasuleasa Overnight Accommodation
    15. July 7th: Tasuleasa Program
    16. July 7th: Tasuleasa Overnight Accommodation
    17. July 8th: Travel from Tasuleasa to Cluj (morning)
    18. July 8th: Arrive in Cluj (noon)


    Count 13 13 15 15 15 18 18 19 23 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
      #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18
    Claudia & Mihai Lehene x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Monica & Claude Radu           x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Ioana & Ionut Guset                 x x x x x x x x x x
    Monica & Calin Moigradan x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Mihai Bora           x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Anca & Cristian Pop x x x x x x x x x                  
    Keith Kirkland               x x x x x x x x x x x
    Ligia & Radu Apostoaia x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Ioana & Sebastian Savos x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Laura & Chisu                 x x x x x x x x x x
    Andreea & Norbert Nagy     x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Liviu and Anamaria Olos x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Iulian Portasa x x x x x x x x x                  


    Videos and Photos

    Beautiful markers sculpted by over 200 artists from all over the country mark each kilometer of Via Transilvanica.


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    Rediscover Romania: Summer Camps for 10-18 yr-olds

    Registration is now: CLOSED

    Click here to signup, and we will update you when we start our next camp.

    While we are in the midst of this pandemic, we hope to be able to fulfill our promise and send 30 kids to camp this summer. We are making progress on formalizing this program. We have 25+ requests (with deposits) for what we think will be a 30 kids camp. You can sign up using the link above.

    We are also close to finalizing sponsorship to send one child to camp (in Romania) for free (YeeeeY!). Details to follow.


    Location: Ighiu, Alba Iulia, Romania


    • July 1st - July 13th* (two weeks)
    • July 1st - July 6th (one week)
    • July 7th - July 13th (one week)

    Learn more: Camp Hapy Faces on "Tabara Mea", or visit

    Cost of the camp: $260/week (does not include transportation)

    Most kids have already been in this camp in the prior years and they absolutely LOOOVED it. Every one of the kids who've been there before requested a double session, so all the kids who signed up already are going July 1st - July 13th.

    Imagine your kids visiting Romania, in an organized camp, organized by parents with the support of a community organization (RUF). Your thoughts and feedback are welcome. Please visit us on Facebook and let's chat.

    * This option is most widely preferred currently

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    Via Transilvanica Campaign $106,000+

    VT Gala VT FAQ Travel to Transylvania

    Buy a Milestone  Find your Milestone

    Via Transilvanica Update

    Materials from the gala

    We invite you to take a few moments to watch our video to learn more about our event.

    We are thankful for the support of Via Transilvanica Ambassadors, Andreea Esca, who helped us raise awareness in our community.

    What is VIA Transilvanica?

    Inspired by hike trails around the world,¬†TńÉ»ôuleasa Social¬†planned to create one in Romania, to go from¬†Bucovina, through¬†Transylvania, to finally reach¬†Drobeta Turnu Severin in the¬†Banat region.

    In 2017, the organisation laid the first brick at¬†Putna Monastery -¬†the resting place of¬†»ėtefan cel Mare. Up until the end of 2019,¬†Via Transilvanica¬†has expanded to encompass a finished hiking trail 398km long. TńÉ»ôuleasa Social¬†hopes that by the end of 2022, they will finish building it, expanding it to reach its projected length of 950km.

    Initially the hiking trail was meant to be a grassroots project, funded by the people and for the people. Throughout its evolution, the organisation had to work with local and regional governments, in order to ensure the maintenance of the path and its relationship to the communities it passes through. Additionally, along the way, multinational corporations such as Raiffeisen Bank, E-On, Coca Colba HBC, E EGGER and many others have joined the collective effort and donate funds to facilitate the construction of more than 600km combined.

    2020 Progress

    Starting from July until August, Via Transilvanica was frequented by more than 1.500 people, either by foot, by horse or by bicycle. The old roads are now constantly visited by hikers who raise awareness about them. The newly-inaugarated 685 kilometres are permanently being trespassed by tourists.

    This year,¬†TńÉ»ôuleasa Social, started a new strategy of taking care of the existent marked roads: parts of the path were being offered to adoption to a variety of individuals, organisations, etc. The part of the road in Bistri»õa-NńÉsńÉud enjoys adoptive parents almost in its entirety, and we were also managed to find some for the other counties: Mure»ô, Bra»ôov, Harghita.

    What is left for 2020?

    • The development of 287km and opening up to the public the already-marked paths throughout the year.
    • Creating a traveller's guide for the existent paths and translating it in English and German.
    • Organising some sculpture camps, so that the milestones on the path can incorporate a cultural part.
    • Refurbishing the milestones where those were deteriorated or destroyed.
    • Maintaining and improving the website of¬†Via Transilvanica and adding the web-pages in English; as well as sharing with the public the mobile app¬†Via Transilvanica.
    • Creating promotional activities.

    Romanians from Chicago coming to help

    Motivated by the values that stand behind Via Transilvanica - access to nature, aid to local communities - Romanian United Fund organised in 2019 a gala at Chicago aimed at raising funds for the project. 300 donors, came together, to raise over 100.000$ which were used to help build between 50 - 100km of the hiking trail.

    In an interview, Mihai Lehene, said in an interview that every dollar donated to Via Transilvanica will generate back to the local communities and to its inhabitants, somewhere between 20 - 50 dollars. Thus, the $100,000 contribution coming from RUF could bring to the communities well over $2,000,000.