Donate to House of Ukrainian Friends

We have secured an 11-room 'pensiune' (motel) in Brăila, Romania, to host up to 28 women & children seeking refuge from the war in Romania.

Our aim is singular in purpose- to provide dignified medium-term accommodation, meals, basic services / supplies, and a communal environment…for up to 28 refugee women and children during these unprecedented times.

We have raised over $95k from 200+ donors in over 20+ countries around the world. Achieving this initial funding milestone has given us the ability to provide three months of accommodation, meals, and supplies for the House and to cover additional weeks to respectfully transition our guests in and out as needed / appropriate.

Each additional $17,500 that we now raise will help us to provide another month’s worth of meals and accommodation to women and children seeking refuge in the ‘House of Ukrainian Friends’. Please help us continue to do so, by donating now.

$128,542.43 raised so far. Help us get to $120,000.00

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