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GIVE 100%

100% of your donation goes directly to our projects. How do we do it? Our operating costs are covered by a small group of donors committed to providing the foundation for our work.


We carefully research and select the most effective and efficient nonprofits to invest your dollars. We verify, track, and report all expenses related to our investments.


Unleashing the power and the value that exists within the Romanian Diaspora and reinvesting it back into our community, through philanthropy.



the most promising, transparent, and efficient nonprofit organizations in Romania and in the Romanian diaspora. We select projects with a significant track record, and we verify them, making sure their standards of governance are the highest in the industry.



selected projects by fundraising in the largest Romanian diaspora urban centers around the world. 100% of donations made through RUF go directly to your selected project.


selected projects around the world, raising awareness about their existence, introducing them to the Romanian diaspora, to other nonprofit organizations that we have access to through our network and to significant entities in their specific business domain.



with selected organizations by identifying key experts in their field to facilitate knowledge transfer as well as well-intended volunteers from the Romanian diaspora and our own network.



Our Team comes from a variety of backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, professors, lawyers, marketing, and management experts, united by our shared commitment to give back and support positive change.



Our Board of Directors, our Members, and our Founding Angels underwrite RUF’s operating costs, which means that 100% of every donation goes directly to the selected projects.


Our mission is to mobilize a global network of friends of Romania to create the largest community-powered initiative in support of the most worthy Romanian projects and initiatives


A Strong and Connected Romanian Diaspora, self-sustaining, and contributing to the development and progress of a democratic Romania.

Core Principles

People First: volunteers, donors, COMMUNITY

Core Values







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Community Partners

Our nonprofit partners were selected by Romanian United Fund within the strategic planning for 2019-2020, according to the selection criteria established by our Board of Directors, following recommendations and support from the Board of Advisors. Our carefully implemented selection process is designed to be fair and transparent.

Coronavirus Update: The partnership agreement already established with them is used in the context of our fundraising campaign to support the efforts of fighting Covid-19.


Caravana Cu Medici
HEALTHCARE: The "Caravana cu Medici" Association was founded in 2014 by 5 resident doctors who noted the lack of basic medical services in the rural area, the total lack of medical education, and the totally non-preventive mentality of the Romanians.
Code 4 Romania
EDUCATION/CIVIC: Code for Romania is a community of young professionals and enthusiasts who develop pro-bono IT solutions in order to solve problems of Romanian society today.
Funky Citizens
TRANSPARENCY: Funky builds research-based, data-driven online advocacy tools. They aim to be educational and actionable, encouraging young citizens to engage in accountability and government responsibility initiatives in which they see an impact.
Romanian United Fund
Romanian United Fund