What Do We Do?

We find, fund, promote and partner with the most effective non-profit organizations active in Romania and in the Romanian diaspora.

WE FIND the most promising, transparent and efficient nonprofit organizations in Romania and in the Romanian diaspora. We select projects with a significant track-record, and we verify them, making sure their standards of governance are the highest in the industry.

WE FUND selected projects by fundraising in the largest Romanian diaspora urban centers around the world. 100% of donations made through RUF go directly to your selected project.

WE PROMOTE selected projects around the world, raising awareness about their existence, introducing them to the Romanian diaspora, to other nonprofit organizations that we have access to through our network and to significant entities in their specific business domain.

WE PARTNER with selected organizations by identifying key experts in their field to facilitate knowledge transfer as well as well-intended volunteers from the Romanian diaspora and our own network.

  • Our Partners & RUF Events

    Since the beginning we worked with Romanian no-for-profit organizations that have a strong record and solid background when it comes to the projects they started in the home country. Declic was the first one, followed by Via Trasilvanica / Tasuleasa Social.

    The following non-for-profit organizations are the ones that inspire us and the ones we support. Some of them have joined the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. 

    Declic / Daruieste Viata

    Via Transilvanica / Tasuleasa Social



    Caravana cu Medici

    Funky Citizens

    VeDem Just 

    Crucea Rosie


    Rise Project

    Teach for Romania

    Noi Orizonturi



    * 12.05.2019 - VIA TRANSILVANICA

    Romanian United Fund raised over $100,000 from the Romanian community in Chicago and throughout the United States. Alin Useriu was our guest and talked about his dream of building an "El Camino" of Romania.



    * 06.23.2019 

    Sunday, June 23rd, at Stan Mansion, Romanians in Chicago celebrated Ziua Iei or Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse

    Started 6 years ago, the now world-spread event honoring Romanian culture and traditions has since become known and beloved all around the globe, in Romanian communities and beyond.

    Romanian United Fund was a sponsor, financially supporting the event that brought together the Romanian community.

    Many thanks to the Romanian-American Consul General for his continued patronage of these events, Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture for making the gathering possible and Alianţa Washington DC for bringing in our midst the historical photo exhibit of Regina Maria - Queen Marie of Romania



    * 05.02.2019 - DECLIC & MIRCEA BRAVO - Asa a zis bunica


    Our first event and the launch of the Romanian United Fund took place on May 2nd, 2019 in Chicago. Our first project, the one we introduced to our guests, was a video produced by Mircea Bravo. We created a gofundme campaign and raised money ($8,200 t be more exact) to finance the video in which the known Romanian comedian talks about the importance of going out to vote. The video had over 1M views in less than 24 hours and reached 5M a week later.

    You can watch the video here.