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RUF GRoW Leadership Vision: We will empower a global community of Romanian young leaders to build a more inclusive, innovative and sustainable future for all, by leading with courage, acting purposefully as change makers, and serving as ambassadors of our multi-cultural heritage.
RUF GRoW Leadership Mission: To create a vibrant community of passionate young leaders, and equip them with skills, knowledge, and networks needed to navigate global challenges, drive positive change, advocate for social justice, and promote Romanian culture on the world stage. We provide opportunities for connecting Romanian youth through cultural, educational, and professional leadership engagements, while celebrating our Romanian heritage, embracing diverse experiences, and engaging in impactful service in our communities and beyond.

2024 RUF Global Youth Board

The Board is composed of dynamic young leaders from the Romanian global diaspora. Members are nominated by RUF's diaspora partners worldwide and undergo an annual approval process by RUF's Education Board. This process ensures that the board represents a diverse and dedicated group of individuals committed to fostering community, education, and cultural engagement among Romanian youth worldwide. Learn More

Alexandra Lehene

2024 Global Romanian Youth Board President
I love to be around Romanians, I love inspire and connect
Emma Dram

2024 Global Romanian Youth Board President

GRoW Strategy

Celebrate Romanian Heritage: Through heritage awards, monument restorations, and cultural campaigns, we connect our youth with their rich traditions and history.

Strengthen Community Bonds: From youth camps in Romania to social and professional development events in the U.S., GRoW fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support among Romanian-American youth.

Volunteer with Purpose: GRoW participants engage in meaningful volunteer work, from local community service to international aid projects, embodying the spirit of giving and impact.

Impact Leadership through Community Engagement: By participating in their local community programs, GRoW members develop key leadership skills and learn to address community needs effectively. Through hands-on projects and advocacy, they contribute to community betterment and train to lead in professional and civic capacities.

Foster Professional Development: Through GRoW structured mentoring programs, career shadowing, and skill-building workshops, the members of our professional community support young leaders in their professional development to ensure they are well-prepared to navigate the challenges of the complex world.

Our GRoW comprehensive approach celebrates and preserves Romanian cultural heritage while actively contributing to its members' personal and professional growth, thus making a tangible impact both locally and internationally.

2024 Program: Noțig/Romania

The Cultural Immersion Camp: Dive into the heart of Romania's countryside with our Cultural Immersion Camp, a transformative experience for diaspora youth ages 16-21. From July 21st to July 30th, immerse yourself in the rural charm of Notig, Sălaj County. This initiative, a collaboration between the Arhaic Association and RUF Youth/Romanian United Foundation, aims to connect young Romanians living abroad with their ancestral culture through conservation, education, and hands-on experiences.

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Welcome :) Glad you found us!

Bine ai venit, și bine ne-ai găsit!

We’re RUF Youth, and we’re a new group seeking to provide a space for Romanian-American kids, teens, and young adults to unite and engage.


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RUF YOUTH is an organization of young Romanian-Americans that will provide resources and opportunities for communication and advice, whether that be about starting high school, making friends, college admissions, or just casual conversation.

Let’s be honest: our parents/guardians are usually great, but someone who’s been through what you’re going through recently can probably provide valuable insight.

With our similar backgrounds, we can learn from and connect with each other and our heritage.

La RUF Youth ne adunăm (copii si tineri româno-americani) pentru a deschide ușa la comunicare și consiliere, fie că este vorba despre începerea liceului, cum ne facem prieteni, admiterea la facultate sau doar să avem conversații de zi cu zi.

 Să fim sinceri - părinții noștri sunt de obicei grozavi, dar totuși, cineva care a trecut prin ceea ce treci tu acuma de   curand, poate oferi sfaturi valoroase.

 Putem invata multe unii de la altii, și in plus, putin mai mult și despre cultura româneasca.

So if you would like to rub elbows with some fellow Romanian kids or are looking to volunteer, you’re in the right place. Stick around and you’ll have some fun, or at the very least meet someone new.

Așadar, dacă vrei să te intalnesti cu copii români sau să faci voluntariat in comunitatea româneasca, ești în locul potrivit. Te vei distra un pic, sau, cel puțin, vei întâlni pe cineva nou.

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