Oana Dobrean-Urzica

Ambassador of RoCo , Supporter of RoCo
I identify myself with the feeling and the vision of many RUF projects, but the idea of the Community Centery of Chicago is the answer to many questions I've been asking about our community since I've been in the US, here, now, and in the future.
Andreea Haidau

Founder of RUF Youth, Member of the RoCo Chicago Community Council
Cristina Haidau

Volunteer, Supporter of RoCo
Mihai Lehene

President and Founding Member of RUF
Mihai is a Founding Member and the President of RUF. Passionate and caring, Mihai’s goal is to inspire all around him to be better and help each other, especially his fellow Romanian Americans.
Constantin Raduca

Supporter of RoCo, the Romanian Community Center of Chicago
Adina Sandu

Founding Member, UX & Creative, Supporter of ROCO, the Romanian Community Center
“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.” Incurable optimistic? Adina says no. We need to believe in the good that lies ahead and we can do amazing things together. Random fact: she would rather carry a camera than a purse.