Romanian United Foundation - RUF - is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. EIN Number: 84-2755681. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Romanian United Foundation

5408 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago IL 60625

Mihai Lehene, President

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Email: [email protected]

Call: +1 (224) 422-6985

Monday through Friday

9 AM - 4 PM (CST)

The Romanian United Foundation, formerly known as the Romanian United Fund, is a global, innovative community dedicated to encouraging and financing the development of the Romanian Diaspora and its connections with Romania. This organization operates as a 100% pass-through fundraising platform, connecting NGOs, donors, and volunteers globally to support various causes in Romania.

Since its inception, the Romanian United Foundation has embarked on numerous campaigns and projects, including:

1. Via Transilvanica Campaign (2019): This campaign, one of the most successful in the Romanian Diaspora, initially raised $100,000 for the Via Transilvanica, a 1,000-kilometer trail across Romania.

2. Coronavirus Campaign (2020): During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation’s campaign raised over $800,000, aiding over 1,000 institutions in Romania with essential supplies.

3. Play For Good Campaign (2021): This campaign supported children with cancer and severe burns, raising over $84,000.

4. Ukraine Peace Campaign (2022): Following the start of the Ukraine conflict, the Foundation raised almost $400,000, supporting 16 nonprofits aiding Ukrainian refugees in Romania.

5. ROCO Campaign (2022): Focused on building a Romanian Community Center in Chicago, this campaign successfully raised over $200,000.

In terms of structure, as of 2023, the Romanian United Foundation has 5 paid staff members and an unpaid Executive Director, and several part-time employees and consultants. The Foundation emphasizes transparency and accountability, tracking and reporting all expenses related to its investments.

The Foundation focuses on six key areas: Diaspora Community, Education, Civic Engagement, Healthcare, Environment, and Heritage, reflecting its commitment to a wide range of societal issues. They have a stringent vetting process for selecting partners and grantees in Romania, ensuring proper governance and transparency in their operations.

The Foundation's financial health and governance practices are well-regarded, with an Accountability & Finance score of 88 from Charity Navigator, reflecting its commitment to financial efficiency, sustainability, and trustworthiness.