The RUF staff is made up of 2 full-time employees and one part-time employee and Mihai Lehene (unpaid President and Executive Director).

The core team of volunteers includes 5-10 volunteers at any time and requires 4-10 hours/week.

The larger RUF team of volunteers is close to 200.



Founded in 2019, by a group of founding members, Romanian United Fund (RUF) was created with a vision of creating an engaged global network of proud and successful people, contributing to the development and progress of their own local communities and of Romania. Read our story.

RUF initially focused on creating partnerships with vetted Romanian nonprofits and fundraising for them. RUF's membership exploded during the early days of the pandemic, with hundreds of people getting involved during the Covid Campaign. Since inception, 35,000 people donated over $2,000,000 through RUF's 100% pass-through platform, helping to finance over 50 projects in Romania and abroad. Learn more about how it works.

Today Romanian United Fund is a global, innovative, vibrant community, built with the sole purpose of encouraging and financing the development of the Romanian Diaspora, and its connections with Romania. Currently, RUF has 3 paid people in its staff, and an unpaid Executive Director and President. We continue to execute on our mission.

We are active on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon Smile and most other online platforms. Join our community