Dany Dany
Dany Dany is an amazing 22-year-old girl who was orphaned as a small child. She was born with cerebral palsy and was treated by the pediatric team at the Luther Pediatric. She is a strong child, with a great heart, whose dream is to become a doctor.
Vlad Mixich
health policy/writer/MD @RoHealthObs | Board member @epha_eu | furiously balanced
Mihail Pautov
MD at Liver Transplantation Center at I.C. Fundeni, Research Assistant at the Center for Excellence in Translational Medicine. Mihail is a highly popular influencer and public speaker, with 200,000 online followers.
Florin Puflea
MD from Bucharest, in Italy since 2002. Graduated Medical School at the University of Verona in 2008, became an anesthesiologist in 2014. Active member of Romanian Diaspora in Italy and one of the first doctors to volunteer for Reteaua de Solidaritate.
Vlad Voiculescu
Vlad is a Romanian patient advocate and health policy expert with extensive experience in advocacy, non-profits, business, and policy-making. He is the former Romanian Minister of Health.