Before you start, please check Criteria for Approval, and read our FAQ.


Partner with Romanian United Foundation

All partnerships with RUF start with the registration as an Affiliate Organization. Please follow the steps below.


Certification as an Affiliate Organization

Self-certification Steps

Step 1) Fill in your contact information

Step 2) Join our support group and announce that you have started the process 

Step 3) Register your organization on RUF's website

Step 4) Email self-certification documents to [email protected] (see list of docs below)

NOTE: once everything is approved, we sign a partnership framework contract. Each subsequent grant is made based on an annex (attachment) to the framework contract

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Self-certification Documents

  • Statute and additional documents (if any) accompanied by the authentication conclusions and the related court decisions
  • Registration in the Register of Associations and Foundations (for Romanian Nonprofits) or FEIN decision (for US Nonprofits)
  • Tax registration certificate
  • Abbreviated balance sheet ("Bilantz") for the previous year, registered with the Financial Administration or the most recent monthly Balance Sheet, signed and stamped
  • List of Board members: Name, Email, Phone, Professional affiliation, and Linkedin profile
  • Completed in Pre-Grant Inquiry Form
  • Two brief letters of recommendation (see Criteria for Approval document - link above)
  • Logo: send more options if you have them. A square logo is preferred to a rectangular one.

Email all documents to: [email protected]

Applying for microgrants with RUF

Submit an RUF Grant Proposal (