Selection Process:

In 2021, a set of up to 10 organizations will be selected to be added on our platform. The selection process is currently open. The approved organizations will be added to our platform in January.

Step 1: Nomination (February - August)

  • The first step of the selection process is based on peer-recommendations. A nonprofit cannot recommend/apply by itself. RUF reaches out to peer grant-making organizations and other non-profits and asks them to make nominations and recommendations (alternatively, nominations can be made by existing Community Partners, any one of our Founding Angels, or anyone of the members of the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors). The nomination must be submitted in writing and must include the reasons for the nomination as well as a short description of the organization and its projects.

Step 2: Pre-selection (September)

  • The second step of the selection process requires at least 3 votes (from our Project Evaluation Committee Members, Board of Directors, and/or the Board of Advisors). At most 25 organizations are selected for the next step.
  • The organizations will be asked to complete a standard form (RUF Application)

Step 3: Final Selection (November)

  • The project proposals are analyzed by our Project Evaluation Committee, the list is approved by the Board of Directors, and questions are sent, requests for clarification and changes are made. Finally, the proposals are submitted to the Project Selection Committee which decides which organizations will be added to our platform based on grid scores.

Step 4: “RUF Flagship Organization” Selection (November)

  • A Flagship organization will be selected from the batch of approved organizations for the next year, based on a simple majority vote by our Founding Angels, with the approval of the Board of Directors. The Flagship organization will be featured during RUF's annual Gala fundraiser.

For more information about our Community Partner Selection process, please contact Mihaela Livanu or Mihai Lehene, using the contact us form.