Eligibility Conditions

Romanian United Fund invests in organizations operating in areas/in accordance with our predefined strategic prioritiesΒ (areas of focus): Civic Engagement, Education, Environment, Healthcare, Heritage and Diaspora Communities. The same conditions apply for RUF's Community Partners and Affiliate Organizations.

Organization Eligibility:

  • Systemic impact-oriented organizations
  • Not bankrupt, payments up to date
  • Non-religious, non-political organizations
  • At least 2 years old
  • In compliance with the due-diligence requirements for USA funds
  • Organizations with a clear governance system (independent Board of Directors)
  • Highly transparent organizations (yearly reports + financial statements)
  • Efficient (operational costs below 25%)
  • Organizations respecting a certain set of values (integrity, diversity, excellence)

Financeable Activities/Projects:

  • Urgent/important activities with a major potential impact
  • Activities that have a systemic impact on the field in which the organization operates
  • Activities that help the grantee develop its own institutional capacity
  • Activities that multiply the revenues of the grantee (e.g. financial support for writing projects for accessing other grants)
  • Grants to cover a pressing need of the organization
  • Financial support for co-financing other projects


  • Cofinancing of at least 20% may be required for projects over $50,000


  • Projects executed in collaboration with other non-profit organizations are allowed
  • The main grantee bears all the reporting and project execution responsibilities
  • All subgrantees have to be pre-approved by RUF