Fundraising and Grantmaking Platform

As an International Charity organization, we are committed to raising funds and channeling resources to impactful organizations and projects that make a difference in the lives of Romanians. Our platform is designed to make it easy for individuals, organizations, and companies to support our mission and contribute to the development of a strong and democratic Romania.

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RUF's Fundraising and Grantmaking Platform connects nonprofitsdonorsfundraisers, and volunteers from all over the world. We help local nonprofits in Romania, and diaspora organizations access the funding, tools, training, and support their need in order to become more effective and more relevant in their communities.

About Our Fundraising

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One of the unique features of our platform is that we are a 100% pass-through philanthropic institution. This means that we do not pay salaries or subtract anything from your donations: every donation we receive goes directly to our partner organizations and projects, with no administrative or overhead costs deducted**.

Our fundraising and grantmaking process is both multi-faceted and multi-staged, and, depending on the complexity of the project, it can take up to a year. It starts with a formal nomination stage, where qualified entities make written recommendations to RUF. Then, we move on to the application stage, where nonprofits are required to provide a full description of their activities and projects and create a well-documented profile on RUF's website. Finally, we move on to the selection stage, where qualified nonprofits are asked to complete a questionnaire and submit supporting documents. When needed, nonprofits are ranked based on a balanced evaluation score system and voted by an appointed committee.

We also offer a variety of fundraising options for individuals and organizations who want to support our mission. For example, you can fundraise on Facebook for one of our Community Partners or for RUF, and we'll make sure the money goes to the most impactful projects. You can also create a personalized donation page on our website.

Additionally, we provide transparency in terms of how much money was raised and how much and where the money was distributed. After each campaign is over, we'll send 100% of what you raise directly to the field, and we'll keep track of where it goes and how it's spent. Then, we’ll periodically report back on our website with information about the actual people your money helps.

And yes! Of course, we would really appreciate it if you considered supporting Romanian United Fund. Your contributions will help us to empower and connect the Romanian diaspora community and make a positive impact in Romania.

How It Works


with the most promising, transparent and impactful NGOs in Romania and in the Romanian diaspora. We select organizations with a significant track record in one of our areas of focus, making sure their standards of governance are the highest in the industry.

selecting our partners


selected projects by offering grants and creating fundraising campaigns online and in our local communities. 100% of donations pass through directly to your selected charity. Our operational budget is funded through the generous support of our Founding Angels.


our partners around the world, raising awareness about their existence, introducing them to the Romanian diaspora, to our community, and to other significant organizations in their specific business domains.

we partner with


our partners by identifying key experts in specific fields to facilitate knowledge transfer as well as well-intended volunteers from the Romanian diaspora and from our own network.