We know we’re stronger when we work together

We’re always looking for groups to partner with, to make a difference

We believe in building relationships and partnerships with Romanian-American and other diaspora organizations of all backgrounds. While RUF is a non-political, non-religious organization, we are open to connect and partner up with any nonprofit agency, including religious and multi-generational diaspora organizations and communities.  

We believe in building relationships with diaspora communities that are long-term, impactful, and transparent.  Through engagement, advocacy, and fundraising partnerships, we can work together to make a real impact for the most impactful nonprofit projects that matter to Romanians at home and abroad.

From New York to Seattle, to San Francisco and Minnesota, we have partnered with diaspora organizations, networks, and individuals who are committed to making a difference for the next generation of Romanians all over the world. RUF thanks our diaspora partners for their constant support and we look forward to building more partnerships to support our community around the world.

Arcs Project
American Romanian Cultural Society (ARCS) is a nonprofit association striving to promote a better understanding of the rich culture of Central and Eastern Europe, with an emphasis on Romania and the American Romanian cultural heritage in the Seattle area
Authentic Society for Language and Romanian Culture
Promotes Romanian culture in Chicago, cultivates values, language and traditions supporting the cultural presence on the international stage. Pleads for protection, conservation, presentation and transmission of the cultural heritage to future generations
Fora Federation Of Romanian American Organizations

Federation Of Romanian American Organizations
FORA is an umbrella organization that unites the Romanian-American communities in a single collaborative forum for mutual support. It represents the interests of its member organizations and of the Romanian-American community at large.
Hora In Minnesota
HORA In MN is a non-profit organization with a mission to enrich Minnesota’s diverse image through the preservation, promotion and sharing of the valuable cultural heritage of the Romanian American community, with its extensive history in the state.
Romanian American Professional Network RomAmPro
​RomAmPro was created on the foundation of Romanian Business Professionals Association. Their Mission is to build a strong Romanian-American community and empower young and mid-level professionals on career, cultural, and educational pursuits.
Romanian Cultural Institute
Established in 1969, the RCI in North America is one of Romania’s oldest cultural diplomacy vehicles. Is a curator, promoter, producer of artistic and cultural events, to showcase the diversity of Romanian artistic, cultural and academic scene.