Our partners are all vetted and certified nonprofit organizations that are US 501(c)(3 )equivalent in Romania. As an International Charity Foundation, RUF has an obligation and duty to provide financing for its partner organizations transparently.ย 

Auditing and reporting by and for the IRS are done for compliance, anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism, and transparency.

The responsibility of the Grantee

Within sixty (60) days after the end of the Fiscal Year in which the Grantee receives a RUF grant, the Grantee has to provide a written report that will have a narrative description, the systematic breakdown of expenses (spreadsheet) with attached invoices,

Each written report should contain a narrative description, a systematic breakdown of expenses (spreadsheet) with attached invoices, and the corresponding receipts for the Grant Projects for the period covered by the report, including photos documenting the advance of the projects (if applicable). The narrative should contain a detailed description of what was accomplished by the grant funds, including a description of the progress made toward achieving the goals of the grant(s) and an assurance that the activities under the Grant Projects have been conducted in conformity with the terms of the grant(s).ย 

In addition to the annual reporting requirements, RUF reserves the right to request more frequent reporting, and the Grantee agrees to comply with those request(s) and to provide full disclosure and transparency regarding all financial, operational, legal, security, and moral matters related to RUFโ€™s funding.