Everyone can be a Fundraiser

Fundraising on Facebook


Step 1

Select Your Nonprofit

What are your own personal values? Do you care about Cancer or about Children's Education, do you care about Fighting corruption or about Building Communities? Do you care about a particular organization? Are you fundraising for RUF?

Choose any one of RUF's Community Partners or select based on your values: Civic Engagement, Education, Environment, Healthcare, and/or Heritage. Or, fundraise for RUF and allow us to support critical projects that we know will make the most impact

Step 2

Start Your Fundraiser

Starting your fundraiser is easy, you can do so by fundraising on Facebook, or by setting up a personalized donation page on our website (soon to be available). 

Are you ready?

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Step 3

Invite Your Friends to Give

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Then sit back and watch the donations roll in.

Step 4

Register Your Fundraiser

Register your fundraiser so we can advertise it to our community - on our social media and in our newsletter. This is a double check for us to know where to direct the money. Don't worry, even if you skip this step, our staff will make all efforts to determine the destination project.

Register Your Fundraiser



See exactly where your money goes

After your campaign is over, we’ll send 100% of what you raise directly to the field. We’ll keep track of where it goes and how it's spent. Then, we’ll report periodically on our campaigns and grants pages, so you can see how your money was spent.


You can do almost anything to raise funds

Need some inspiration? These are a few of the RUF campaigns that we will never forget.

What will you do today? Let us know


  • Here's a recorded video tutorial on how to create a new RUF campaign and place a request for an RUF campaign.

    The video provides instructions on how to fill in the Google form and the required steps:

    • set the donation page title
    • beneficiary organization
    • starting and end dates
    • donation amounts, and whether to accept recurring donations

    It also covered how to set a goal for the campaign and how to add files to support the campaign.

    Youtube Link: https://youtu.be/miPdyJKImos

  • Anyone can start a campaign, it doesn't matter if you are 6 or 60, all that matters is that your heart is in the right place.

  • You can fundraise for any RUF Community Partner or Affiliate Organization.

  • Unfortunately, that is not the case. Only the most impactful nonprofits are selected by RUF to become Community Partners, and we can only fundraise for our partners.

    Our due diligence and selection process is very thorough and extensive. The process is designed to identify and verify nonprofit organizations that can be fully trusted to execute and expand our mission.

    Our Community Liaisons help identify and vet the organizations applying to become Community Partners. Do you think you deserve to be nominated? Contact Us.

  • Thousands of people have already created fundraisers through or for Romanian United Fund.

    Anyone can open a fundraiser, as long as the nonprofit they're raising for is a Community Partner or Affiliate Organization of RUF. 

  • That is correct. We are a 100% pass-through organization.

    We have zero credit card fees, and we don't take any other fees for Romanian United Fund*.

    * The one expense that the grantee has to pay, and we will deduct from the total amount, is the wire-transfer fee to the Recipient or Grantee Organization ($40/wire). This is why we only remit funds over $1,000.

  • This is a great question, thank you for asking! We know fundraising can be a little scary at first, but don't worry, we're here to help.

    So let's see, the first thing is to figure out who you are fundraising for. Assuming you figured that out, follow these instructions.

    Still need help? Contact us directly on messenger.

  • Important note: We can only remit funding to vetted nonprofit organizations

    Organizations already affiliated with RUF Partner

    Fundraising for organizations that are already affiliated with RUF is easy. You should be able to start fundraising right away. Simply head to the Start a Fundraiser page to learn more. Remember, you are fundraising for a recipient organization, RUF will remit all funds raised to them*, and they will ultimately have control over the way the funds are used.

    * Conditions apply: as funds are raised for an affiliate organization, they accrue in RUF's sub-account (for the specific organization). RUF will remit funding upon request, but only after at least $1,000 is available in the organization's subaccount.

    New Organizations, not yet affiliated

    You can fundraise for a new organization, however, we will only vet (approve) the new organization as an affiliate organization once a minimal amount has been raised (as of December 2023 this amount is $5,000).

    Should you decide to raise funding for a new organization (that is not on our platform), there is a risk that you will not raise this amount. If a minimal amount is raised and you cannot top-up the funds raised to $5,000, the funding will be directed into RUF's General Fund. This is still a 100% pass-through fund, so the money will be spent on nonprofit projects.

    We can vet new organizations as long as  Learn here about vetting new organizations.

    You can fundraise for your own cause, as long as it is accepted and run in partnership with one of our existing affiliate or partner organizations.

RUF - Romanian United Foundation


RUF is a 100% pass-through fundraising platform. We help diaspora & local nonprofits in Romania access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. We do this by connecting NGOs, donors & volunteers from all over the world