Rise Project

Rise Project
INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM: Rise Project is a community of journalists, programmers, and activists. Rise investigates organized crime and corruption that affects Romania and other countries in the region.

Rise Project


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RISE Project is a community of journalists, programmers, and activists. We are investigating organized crime and corruption affecting Romania and the countries in the region.

The RISE Project reveals hidden connections between criminal organizations, politicians, and businessmen - using advanced investigative techniques and information analysis technologies. We obtain documents from offshore areas and analyze large volumes of information. Then we create databases and put together the puzzle they want to hide.

RISE Project is not only a platform for publishing investigations but also a program for interactive visualization of unseen interests in Romania. It is a graphic display of people, businesses, litigation, and connections - which is constantly growing, bringing to light underground networks.

RISE Project is a visual archive, an index of our times.

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