• If you want to volunteer, the best thing is always to apply online, and then to also contact us.

    We also suggest you connect with one of our Volunteer Liaisons on Facebook (see links on their profiles). Unfortunately, it's fairly difficult to stay on top of all the traffic coming from social media, email, and the website, and connecting with them directly is the easiest path to make sure your application is processed as fast as possible.

  • We currently reimburse funding through: Quickpay/Zelle, check, and for larger amounts, through ACH. You will be asked for more information when you fill the form below.

    So you made an expense for ROCO, not a problem! We have an easy process to file for reimbursement.

    Send any proof of expense (scanned receipt/invoice) to:

    Complete this form:

    Once the form is completed, you will receive an acknowledgment email - that will also be sent to our office. We will get in touch with you shortly. If no one has contacted you in 48 hours, please call our office at 773.819.5337

  • Thank you for volunteering for RUF/ROCO.

    For RUF, for all project and core team volunteers, and staff, please use this Google sheet (request access if needed):

    For ROCO, for all event/ad-hoc/one-off volunteers, please use this form:

    If you volunteer on an ongoing basis, please contact our staff to get access to the time-tracking spreadsheet.

  • NOTE: as of Oct 2022, we are searching for a volunteer to take over the Volunteer Engagement Director position. At this time, we are onboarding very few people.

    Thank you for signing up, we are happy to have you on board!

    Please remember to check your email, follow the links and fill in the RUF volunteer page. One of our volunteer liaisons will contact you shortly.

    What's next:

    • During a one-hour interview, they will create your volunteer profile
    • They will explain the onboarding process
    • They will invite you to join one of our Volunteer Onboarding Meetings

    Thank you so much for your interest in RUF. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

  • We are excited to have you on board! Everyone can help, even if you have a limited amount of time. Some very specific tasks (e.g. website team, or google ads) require much less time than others.

    This being said, we are normally looking for and try to select volunteers that can offer at least 4 hours per week for most positions.

    We will try to accommodate your own schedule. If you cannot become a full volunteer, you can still join us as an Associate Volunteer. Associate volunteers can join our monthly update calls in order to learn more about our organization.

  • One of our volunteer liaisons should contact you shortly after signing up. They can answer your questions, and we're also anxiously waiting to meet you at one of our next volunteer onboarding meetings.

  • NOTE: (Winter 2022) We have not had a volunteer onboarding meeting in a while. They make sense when there are a large number of volunteers that join during one quarter or another.

    We plan to have a volunteer onboarding meeting on the first Saturday of the month, every quarter. The locations will be determined and communicated to you via email and announced on Facebook.

    Past meetings dates:

    • 2021.09.04 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2021.11.06 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2020.08.01 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2020.02.01 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2019.10.19 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2019.10.13 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
    • 2019.09.05 Volunteer Onboarding Meeting
  • First of all, let's check the Job Offers section: you may be able to find something there.

    There are many other things you can help with:

    • invite your friends to:
      • visit our website
      • like our Facebook page
      • join our newsletter
    • spread the word about RUF:
      • add your volunteering position to your LinkedIn Profile
      • share our posts on Facebook
      • post about RUF on Facebook groups, and of course
    •  ask them to join as members, volunteers, or supporters

    There are most than 100 simple tasks that require a little bit of volunteer time, and we are confident we can find something that you can help us with, but first, we need to know you better.