Noi Orizonturi

Noi Orizonturi
EDUCATION: NOI ORIZONTURI believes in the transformative power of education, that is why we work with teachers, school principals, and volunteers to transform the educational system and to truly help young people to become better, stronger and wiser.

Noi Orizonturi

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New Horizons Foundation was founded in 2000 in Romania, aiming to inspire young people and produce social change. Through the programs developed, young people between 11 and 19 are becoming more involved and more responsible.Β 

The challenge is to help youth evolve and prepare for life. Through experiential learning, we encourage them to follow their dreams and actually do something, not just remain at the theory level.

The solutions for the existing problems were found and so, New Horizons Foundation started a journey of implementing projects and programs:

- integrating experiential learning methods into the Scoala Altfel national initiative.

- Launching The Community Schools project

- Creating the Impact pioneering clubs that exploded in size, growing to a number of 145 clubs across the country.

- Romania Semester, a project which allows students from the US to study in Romania.

The impact of the organization is outstanding. Following two big principles, learning through community services and learning through adventure, New Horizons Foundation concept started also its international journey, impacting not only Romania but over 20 countries across Europe and Central America.

With approximately 4000 local volunteers across Romania and dozens of professionals in the field of education, New Horizons Foundation is changing the mentality and evolution of the new generations.Β 

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