Project Name
Summer Camps 2020

Community Partner: Asociatia Noi Orizonturi

Date: May 5th, 2020

Financing: COMPLETED

Project Status: COMPLETED

RUF Funds Sources: RUF Emergency Fund

Total Project Budget:$122.829 (incl. non-RUF sources)

RUF Proposed Financing: $13.000. Financed Amount: $13,000 (100%)


Short Description

The project's goal is to raise the chances of school success for 650 students from 13 rural communities supporting them to adopt a growth mindset, develop their self-efficacy, and by supporting the school and parents to cooperatively shape a supportive environment of continuous improvement for the children. To this end, the project targets directly 650 kids, 90 teachers, parents (incl. hard to-reach) and 13 school management team.

Proposal and budget

Noi Orizonturi


EDUCATION: NOI ORIZONTURI believes in the transformative power of education, that is why we work with teachers, school principals, and volunteers to transform the educational system and to truly help young people to become better, stronger and wiser.