Funds Sources: Education Campaign

Project Name: Glittery School

Link: Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: Noi Orizonturi (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: September 2022

Financing: FINANCED

Project Status: Finished

Total Project Budget: $18,570

Requested from RUF: $7,200

Financed by RUF: $8,200

RUF matching fund: $1,000  


Short Description:

Glittery School is a project for supporting children that struggle with reading and writing basic competencies to make progress and reduce the learning gap.



The project is in its third year of development, with the intention of scaling specialized literacy interventions among disadvantaged communities

We want to offer 20-40 primary students from 100 schools the chance to participate in a weekly literacy club and a useful and entertaining summer camp to help increase their basic literacy skills and at the same time to develop a positive self-concept. Beneficiaries are represented by students enrolled in primary school, (6-12 years old) and they are selected by New Horizons Foundation’s local partners. The main criteria for choosing the beneficiaries of the Project are represented by access to the children with families that struggle financially, that could not afford an extracurricular activity, and a Summer Camp or other summer non-/informal learning activities.


Communities that want to organize a literacy summer school will send an application form and convince a jury that they have the commitment and local support (from local authorities) to organize a 10-day summer camp. 25 local teams will be selected for the 2022 summer camp. We will prepare each team to design, plan, organize, and mobilize resources to run a summer school to accelerate the development of literacy skills in children left behind. The training sessions will be led by two educational experts who will provide the agenda and new contributions (strategies, implementation models, feedback on teachers' plans) and will facilitate discussions. Each team will be assisted in the preparation of summer schools. eg: assigning experts for each summer school, signing award contracts, organizing participants, preparing the agenda, coordinating and training the extended local teams, etc. Winning teams will benefit from a set of books and learning materials and a 2000 lei budget to cover meals and/or transportation for children to summer school.

Noi Orizonturi


EDUCATION: NOI ORIZONTURI believes in the transformative power of education, that is why we work with teachers, school principals, and volunteers to transform the educational system and to truly help young people to become better, stronger and wiser.