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Join us for another month of doing good together as we dedicate September to education ... #rufeducation. We are pleased to announce the 6 partner organizations that will participate with their individual projects.


Vedem Just

Brief: Vedem Just's project “The student and the law” provide printed guides and teaches 5,000 high school students about their interactions with the Law.

The Vedem Just  Association fulfilled an amazing goal and convinced 90 schools from Romania to introduce the course of Juridical Education throughout the next year. Therefore, the students have to receive for free “The student and the law” guide, which is necessary in order to study this subject.

All the money raised will be used to edit, print, and deliver the guide in all of the 90 schools that accepted to introduce this subject in the curriculum. The beneficiaries of the project will be 5000 students, therefore, the impact of the project is amazing. Furthermore, there are also friends and families of the students that are indirectly implicated by educating and engaging them in civic activities in the spirit of the law.

Facilitating the formal study of Juridical Education in Romania is a big step in educating young students. Civic education, legal education, and the prevention of delinquency are important subjects that need to be approached in schools.

The student and the law Is a project that aims to educate young students for free and help them understand juridical education and its importance.

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Teach for Romania

Brief: Teach for Romania's “Home for Good” supports 7 scholarships for highly valuable diaspora teachers to come home and become part of the Romanian educational system for one year.

The process of implementing this kind of program is expensive and so, the money raised will help Teach for Romania to recruit, train, select and support the high-potential Romanians. Also, the teachers need integration and financial support.

It is wanted with this project to provide support for the teachers on 2 major levels:

      1. Tutoring – with a dedicated tutor for each teacher online and offline
      2. A 6-week intensive training prior to the academic year and at least 4 training and experience-sharing events each year.

The impact of the "Home for Good" project is overwhelming due to the main objectives of the program:

      - Working on reducing absenteeism and school dropout.
      - Increasing the literacy level of the children.
      - Growing happy children with autonomy and knowing how to manage themselves.


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Cu Alte Cuvinte

Brief: Cu Alte Cuvinte's “Roma S/heroes” will put 10,000 illustrated books in the hands of children, in order to teach them about the history and geography of the Roma population.

The Roma people have an amazing history. Unfortunately, this history is somehow still invisible in Romania, Europe, or the United States. Even though there are some projects showcasing the Roma men and women, the target is the adult public. Therefore, Cu Alte Cuvinte association wants to create a series of picture books for children over 5 years old and teach them about the history and geography of the Roma people.

"Roma S/heroes" is a brave initiative with the goal of raising 10.000 USD. Approx. 10.000 preschoolers and 500 teachers from disadvantaged communities in Romania will benefit and get the supplies. Every teacher will receive a kit of 5 picture books and a class activities booklet.

The money raised will be used for the materialization of the project and fulfilling all of the suggested steps:

  • 15 Roma young adults writing the book
  • Illustrating the books with the help of 5 Romanian illustrators
  • Professional editor preparing the books for print
  • Printing 500 copies of each book (2500 copies in total)
  • Distributing the copies with the help of Ovidiu RO Association
  • Preparing a 2h webinar for the teachers enrolled
  • Monitoring the class activities

The "Roma S/heroes" project estimates having a huge impact and contributing to anti-bias, diversity education in Romania. Furthermore, they aim to improve the knowledge of students and teachers about the Roma people and their contribution to our society, but also, they want to raise awareness of the importance of diverse books and self-representation in the literature of ethnic minorities.

RUF is proud to support and involve in such a brave and beautiful initiative.

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Fundatia Regala Margareta a Romaniei

Brief: Fundatia Regala Margareta's “Generation Centers” brings together 800 children from disadvantaged communities and 160 senior people from senior homes in a series of mentoring groups, clubs, training, and workshops.

Fundatia Regala Margareta a Romaniei faces two social problems at this point: school dropout due to poverty and accelerated demographic aging. Unfortunately, the country`s day-care centers do not have the resources they need to meet all their educational needs. Furthermore, there is a main problem with the aging population who feels useless and begin to think that are losing their social role.

The "Generation Centers" is a program that aims to offer various educational and vocational after-school activities. The focus is on children from 20 disadvantaged communities and the project is implemented by senior volunteers. The plan is to create and organize groups, clubs, training, and workshops depending on the experience of the volunteers. Through this program, the school progress of the children is supported, as well as the vocational and personal development.

Beneficiaries of the project:

      - 800 children from poor families
      - 160 senior people
      - 20 social centers with after-school activities

Activities and services:

      1. Support for school - individual tutoring
      2. Educational clubs
      3. Vocational clubs
      4. Creative workshops
      5. Sports and games

The "Generation Centers" project offers support for the children and also the elderly and the strong bond formed between the two generations is the impact this project aims. The connection formed between the child who can evolve and the senior who found another purpose in life is the chance for every participant of this project to fulfill his own potential.


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Asociatia Romana de Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica

Brief: ARDOR's "Reopening debate clubs in small cities in Romania" will fund 10 Debate Clubs in small cities and underprivileged schools, that will have a minimum of 15 club meetings per year and at least 90 students recruited.

Asociatia Romana de Dezbateri, Oratorie si Retorica. Out of all the debate clubs in the ARDOR organization, the debate clubs in little urban areas and underprivileged schools have been the most affected by the pandemic. Because of the lack of the basic infrastructure (internet, devices), the stress and fatigue, the teachers that were overwhelmed and overpowered and could not conduct anymore, these debate clubs had little or zero activity during the pandemics. The consequence is that a lot of students were left without the significant exercise of basic speculation and critical thinking. What`s more, it is in this period that they need the most these capacities to explore the tempest of disinformation and make choices that could possible save their lives.

To fortify these debate clubs and help the children, Asociatia Romana de Dezbateri, Oartorie si Retorica starts the project of "Reopening debate clubs in small cities in Romania".

The fundraising goal for this project is 3000 USD. The money gathered is used to fund 10 debate clubs in the small cities and underprivileged schools that will have a minimum of 15 club meetings per year and at least 90 students recruited.

The project includes:

      1. Beneficiaries: at least 10 teachers and at least 90 high-school students enrolled in the debate clubs.
      2. Project planning
      3. Meetings with the debate instructors
      4. Ongoing online support for teachers
      5. Online activities for students
      6. Offline events for students and teachers
      7. Evaluation and ongoing support.

This project represents a solid base for saving the debate clubs, supporting the continuation of these activities and this important source of critical thinking and argumentation skills. Finishing this project, more than 90 students from underprivileged areas will be prepared to take significant choices in their lives.

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United Way Romania

Brief: United Way Romania 's “Learn to Succeed” provides after school programs, materials and financial support for 315 children (6-15 years old) at high risk of poverty, social exclusion and school dropout.

A serious issue in Romania is the school dropout or absence of any type of enlistment in school. Unfortunately, this keeps on expanding, without any integrated intervention.

The absence of appropriate interest from the public authority makes the NGO area play a significant part in educational projects. Moreover, statistics show that Romania is at the bottom line of countries from the EU for international tests for writing, reading, and math. In the past 9 years, Romania scored at the least for PISA Tests, and it is known that kids who lack proficient reading have a 4 times higher risk rate of school dropout.
With 17 years of experience In developing and supporting education projects for children, United Way Romania started the Learn to Succeed program. This program plans to improve the lives of children throughout education and the fundraising goal for the project is 100.000 USD.

There are 500 beneficiaries of this fundraising, from Bucharest and surrounded areas, Cluj County and Timisoara County: 315 children (6-15 years old), 125 parents, all at risk of poverty, social exclusion, and risk of school dropout, and also 60 teachers from disadvantaged areas. We hope that with the Learn to Succeed program we can provide tailored assistance, educational support, and access to school materials for the children, monthly parenting classes for the parents, and information, tools, and assistance for the teachers.

Aimed activities and services:

      1. Providing after school programs for children
      2. Providing school materials and financial support for children
      3. Training for teachers
      4. Support with tutors and volunteers
      5. Training for parents

"Learn to Succeed" is a program that tries to break the poverty circle and have a positive impact on the community. By covering all the needs of the children, material, educational, and even offering parental support, the program will have a major impact on the children`s lives. The results of the project help us create enduring changes, at the kid and family level, yet additionally at the local area level.


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RUF - Romanian United Foundation


RUF is a 100% pass-through fundraising platform. We help diaspora & local nonprofits in Romania access the funding, tools, training, and support they need to become more effective. We do this by connecting NGOs, donors & volunteers from all over the world