Vedem Just

Vedem Just
EDUCATION/LEGAL: The VeDemJust Association was developed as a nonprofit voluntary think-tank with a focus on the judiciary system and acts primarily as a watch-dog to alert constituents about legal matters.

Vedem Just

About Vedem Just

Founded in 2016, with only 5 members, the association started the mission to promote liberty, strengthen democracy, implement good governance, and protection of fundamental human rights and liberties. The organization developed as a concept to prevent crime and delinquency through judiciary knowledge.

Financed Projects


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The challenge is to educate young students in the matter of law, crime prevention, and human rights through:

  • Judiciary education in the school curriculum
  • Mobile application available for every student -Β  Think legal!
  • School of freedom
  • Law for everyone
  • School of law and freedom (on-line judiciary education)Β 


The projects of the association have an outstanding impact with their mission of sharing and explaining legal and judiciary information between young students.Β 

Every project is a strong initiative and the implication of the volunteers and the association already has:

  • 26.000 of books β€œThe student and the law” – distributed free of charge
  • over 37.000 students are beneficiaries of the judiciary education classes
  • 55 young students beneficiaries of the Legal Academy CAMP

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