Funds Sources: Facebook Birthday campaign

Project Name: Lege-n-dar

Community Partner: Vedem Just (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: February 2021

Financing: FINANCED

Project Status: Finished

Financed by RUF: $9,970



Short Description:

This project aims to create the first App (smart device application) for law and juridical education (Romanian judicial proceedings and administration of law). It will be an all-in-one juridical education application, absolutely free of charge, which can be installed on mobile phones.


This application mainly addresses younger people, but it can be useful to anyone who wants to stay in touch with legislation news explained in non-technical language. “Can I post anything on Facebook? What happens if I share porn on WhatsApp? Are parents allowed to check children's messages on the phone? Who do I address if someone gets beaten? Can a student be obliged to turn on his camera during online lessons? What happens to the child when his parents divorce? Can I be hired without a contract? What's the difference between a judge and a prosecutor? What is a warrant? Who can analyze an interception? Are all laws mandatory? What does it mean when I am being called as a witness? How many laws are there in Romania, and where do I find them?” The Law-as a gift app user will easily find all these answers using the smartphone. Practically speaking, this application is a legal assistant that guides the user on how to make the right legal choices. The menu will be easy to use and will offer the search button option to facilitate a topic search by simply typing keywords.


Vedem Just


EDUCATION/LEGAL: The VeDemJust Association was developed as a nonprofit voluntary think-tank with a focus on the judiciary system and acts primarily as a watch-dog to alert constituents about legal matters.