Funds Sources: Education Campaign

Project Name: The Student And The Law

Link: Facebook Fundraiser

Community Partner: Vedem Just (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: September 2021

Financing: FINANCED

Project Status: Finished

Total Project Budget: $13,900

Requested from RUF: $13,900

Financed by RUF: $12,745


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Short Description:

“The student and the law” provides printed guides and teaches 5,000 high school students about their interactions with the Law.



“The student and the law” is a Juridical Education guide offered free of charge through which it aims to educate students to understand the importance of legal education. Vedem Just convinced 90 schools in Romania to introduce and teach this guide.

The project aims to impact the 5,000 students, their teachers directly and their friends and families indirectly, by educating and engaging them in civic activities, all of them in the spirit of the law.

Activities of the project include:

  • The selection of the members of the project team
  • Updating the information of the guide
  • Editing of the guide
  • Printing of the guide
  • Delivery of the guide

All the funds raised are going toward The Student And The Law guide, written by Judge Cristi Danilet, that will be offered free of charge to the direct beneficiaries of the project, the students, and teachers, also impacting indirect beneficiaries of the project, their friends, and relatives.



To be available soon.

Vedem Just


EDUCATION/LEGAL: The VeDemJust Association was developed as a nonprofit voluntary think-tank with a focus on the judiciary system and acts primarily as a watch-dog to alert constituents about legal matters.