Funds Sources: Education Campaign

Project Name: Roma S/Heroes

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Community Partner: Cu Alte Cuvinte (ProfileWebsite )

Starting Date: September 2021

Financing: PENDING

Project Status: In Development

Total Project Budget: $10,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)


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Short Description:

With the project Roma S/ heroes Cu Alte Cuvinte wants to create a series of illustrated books for children over 5 years old and to teach them about the history and geography of the Roma population. 10,000 preschoolers and 500 teachers from disadvantaged communities in Romania will benefit and receive these books.



The organization wants to create a series of picture books for ages + 5 based on the life and accomplishments of Romani people, across history and geography. This book concept – non-fiction, richly illustrated books is widespread and has known increasingly popular success since 2016. One of the most successful series, and their inspiration for this project, is "Little People, Big Dreams" (

Since January 2021, CUAC partnerd with Asociatia OvidiuRo in their national program "Citeste-mi 100 de povesti". CUAC is responsible for the design and implementation of a diversity program, "Povesti pentru diversitate", that they have already been piloted between February and June 2021 (

Activities and/or Services:
  • Creative writing workshops 15 Roma young adults will participate in a series of 8 creative writing workshops, led by a journalist (Delia Marinescu) and a children’s literature writer (Iulia Iordan). During these workshops, they will learn how to research a book topic and write a 500 words non-fiction text based on the life of a person of their choice
  • A professional editor will work on the texts, preparing them for print
  • A collective of 5 Romanian illustrators (Oana Ispir, Georgiana Chitac, Ana-Maria Lemnaru, József Vass, and Zelmira Szabo) will illustrate the books (13 double-spreads for each book)
  • Print 500 copies of each book will be printed (2500 copies in total)
  • Diversity education activities design CUAC will design the activities booklet based on the picture books
  • Kit distribution In partnership with Asociatia OvidiuRO, they will distribute the kit – 5 picture books + 1 activities booklet to each teacher enrolled in the "Povesti pentru diversitate" program
  • Training CUAC will design and deliver a 2h webinar for 500 teachers enrolled in the program. 8/Monitoring class activities We will monitor all class activities related to our educational kit. Teachers will be required to read to their students all 5 books and engage them in all the provided activities.


Project Outputs:
  • A series of 5 children’s picture books
  • A class activities booklet
  • An online webinar for 500 teachers

The beneficiaries will be from the same community. They will send each teacher an educational kit containing 5 picture books and a class activities booklet. After participating in training delivered by CUAC, the teachers will use the kit to engage preschoolers in diversity education activities.



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Cu Alte Cuvinte


CUAC is an innovation lab focused on designing and implementing literacy and anti-bias education programs. Our mission is to help kids grow as readers and thinkers in a diverse world.