Cu Alte Cuvinte
CUAC is an innovation lab focused on designing and implementing literacy and anti-bias education programs. Our mission is to help kids grow as readers and thinkers in a diverse world.

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Financed Projects

At CUAC, we implement two kinds of projects:

Literacy and childrenโ€™s books

We create remedial literacy programs, based on carefully chosen picture books. We also support local writers and illustrators who create picture books - best suited for children who are starting to read. We donate these books, together with literacy toolkits designed by our team, in kindergartens, schools and libraries from disadvantaged areas.

Anti-bias Education

We create anti-bias education modules that reach schools and kindergartens from disadvantaged areas. We support writers and illustrators who create picture books with Roma characters, very rare in children's literature.

Our impact

Through partnerships with publishers, associations and local schools:

we contribute to the development of childrenโ€™s literature with characters that reflect the diversity of our society: we published the first book with Roma characters in Romania.

we support the local creation of picture books: we organized 3 workshops for 48 Romanian writers and illustrators.

we facilitate the access of children from disadvantaged areas to picture books and quality educational materials: over 15,000 children have read at least one book that we published and have engaged in literacy activities that we designed.

we piloted an anti-bias program: 200 children (grades 3 - 7) followed a module of 14 lessons, designed by our team.

we piloted a literacy program based on a remedial education concept that involves teaching at the right level: 15 children were enrolled in a literacy program, based on illustrated books.

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