• The RUF Due Diligence process is designed to verify that:
    • that the organization is a legitimate NGO (equivalent to a 501c3 organization in the US)
    • that itโ€™s not involved in scandals, and that itโ€™s not mired in legal or financial trouble
    • that personal references are accurate and reliable
    • that no one on the Board is on the money laundry list
    • to get a sense of the involvement of their staff/volunteers
    • to make sure that we extract a promise to report back on the destination of the funds


  • Legal Compliance (Pre-grant Inquiry Form, see list of legal docs required by RUF to verify the organization is compliant with tax and other regulations)
  • Online research about the organization (from the organization itself and from third parties)
  • for International Nonprofits with a presence in Romania ( independent impact and transparency evaluators GuideStar, GiveWell, ImpactMatters, Charity Navigator)
  • Reaching out to Board of Advisors for comments or approval
  • Approve by the Board of Directors

Updated: March 2022

See also: NGO Self Certification