Romina Ionascu

Founding Angel 
Executive Assistant
Originally from Romania, I relocated to the US in 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. Currently, I serve as the administrative expert at RUF, where I handle all accounting and administrative issues. I have a passion for teaching young children.

Executive Assistant

Originally I'm from Romania, I came to the US in 2013 having a bachelor degree in Economics but I decided to start from zero and I made the decision to start studying nursing but chose not to pursue the degree, the reason being that the job opportunities I wanted weren’t available to me. Being in the situation where again I had to switch careers and also from curiosity, I bought a book called "Learn Python the Hard Way". Quickly I realized that I loved being able to see the results of my work after some struggle and I just loved the feeling of being proud of yourself when you succeed to implement something by coding, this also being the reason why I decided to pursue a bootcamp education.

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