Diana Gini

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Global Romania Diaspora Director - RUF
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World traveler. Boys mom. Life enthusiast.
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Global Romania Diaspora Director - RUF

As the Global Romania Diaspora Director, I am deeply committed to the mission and vision ofย  Romanian United Foundation (RUF), aiming to strengthen the Romanian diaspora and create lasting bonds that circle back to our roots in Romania. This journey is not just a professional endeavor for me; it's a personal mission that nourishes my soul, ensures my children grow up with a robust Romanian identity, and contributes to the flourishing of our beloved country. In this role, I have the distinct honor of connecting with incredible Romanians worldwide, inviting them to join our vibrant ecosystem. Through these connections, we not only celebrate our rich heritage but also lay the foundation for a future where the Romanian diaspora actively contributes to our homeland's growth and prosperity. It's a role that fills me with pride, as each conversation and each new member brought into our fold signifies a step towards realizing our collective dreams for Romania and its people, no matter where we might find ourselves in the world

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