We are fortunate with such a rich country as Romania, where the beautiful mountains, rolling hills, deep forests, and the Black Sea are home to different species of the animal kingdom. It’s our duty to protect the nature and environment, to give a hand to those who take action locally.

Join us in April in supporting four of our partner organizations and their meaningful environmental projects:


Conservation Carpathia

The Zimbri (Water Buffaloes) have been missing from Romania for the past 200 years, however, they were successfully recently reintroduced in the southeast and north of the Romanian Carpathians. Carpathia extends this endeavor and takes on the mission to restore the free Zimbri population from scratch in the area of Fagaras mountains and is raising money to bring 20 more zimbri to Romania this year.


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Declic is raising awareness about pollution in Romania with their project. Click here to donate on Facebook or on Declic 's page on the RUF website.

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Fundatia Comunitara Oradea

Fundația Comunitară Oradea is focusing this project on educating youth in the middle of nature, "The School In The Park" ("Scoala in parc"). Click here to donate on Facebook or on the RUF website through Federația Fundatiilor Comunitare Romane (FFCR).

Fundația Comunitară Mureș - Marosszéki Közösségi Alapítvány
works for safer school zones for the children In Tg. Mures and a les polluted air in their city. Click here to donate on Facebook  or on the RUF website through Federația Fundatiilor Comunitare Romane (FFCR).

We believe that together we can protect the Romanian Environment. Donate or open your own fundraiser to support one of the projects in this campaign.

Join us in the month of April in supporting four projects put forward by some of our partner organizations. You can also donate to each organization on their donation page on RUF: Conservation Carpathia, Declic, Fundatia Comunitara Tg. Mures & Fundatia Communitara Oradea through Federatia Fundatiilor Comunitare Romane (FFCR). 

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