Funds Sources: Environment Campaign

Project Name:Β Fagaras Mountains become home for bison

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Community Partner: Conservation Carpathia (Profile |Β WebsiteΒ )

Starting Date: April 2021

Financing: Funded

Project Status:Β In Development

Total Project Budget: $45,000 (incl. non-RUF sources)


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Short Description:

TheΒ ZimbriΒ (Water Buffaloes) have been missing from Romania for the past 200 years, however, they were successfully recently reintroduced in the southeast and north of the Romanian Carpathians.Β CarpathiaΒ extends this endeavor and takes on the mission to restore the free Zimbri population from scratch in the area of Fagaras mountains and is raising money to bring 20 more zimbri to Romania this year.


π“π‘πž 𝐛𝐒𝐬𝐨𝐧 remains a symbol of Romania. Strong and majestic, this animal, present in national history and folklore, has been prized by Romanians for hundreds of years.
Bison disappeared from Romania about 200 years ago, and in recent years has been successfully reintroduced in the South-Eastern and Northern parts of the Romanian Carpathians.
π‚π¨π§π¬πžπ«π―πšπ­π’π¨π§ π‚πšπ«π©πšπ­π‘π’πš is extending this endeavor and assuming the mission of restoring the population of free bison in the Southern Carpathians in the FΔƒgΔƒraΘ™ Mountains area. The bison returns home with a beneficial influence on nature and living in harmony with man.
According to specialists, to be considered a successful reintroduction of a missing species, about 100 specimens are necessary to thrive and breed freely in the wild without human intervention. Since May 2020, the first eight bison have been roaming free as part of the Conservation Carpathia project.


Fundatia Conservation Carpathia (Fcc)


We are active for over 10 years in the conservation and restoration of the natural Carpathian ecosystem, for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities.