Funds Sources: Romanian United Fund

Project Name: Biomentorhub Grant

Partner: Biomentorub (🔗 website)

Starting Date: October, 2023

Financing: Completed

Project Status: Finished

Financed by RUF: $1,100




Short Description:

The project aims to tackle several key issues: first, the limited connectivity and collaboration among Romanian young specialists aged 25-35 in the bioscience and biomedicine fields who pursued their studies and careers abroad. Second, the lack of information within the Romanian scientific diaspora regarding the current state of the biotech, medtech, and pharma sectors in Romania, as well as professional and funding opportunities. Third, the absence of multi-disciplinary networking opportunities for researchers, medical professionals, tech experts, and business development specialists, crucial roles in biotech startups. Fourth, the need for collaborative workspaces with lab facilities for biotech startups in Romania. Lastly, addressing the shortage of biotech startups in the country.



The inaugural 4BiOMed event in London is set to gather 30 participants. We anticipate approximately 100 beneficiaries, encompassing current Biomentorhub association members and mentors (50) and individuals joining the 4BiOMed community in the following month, engaging on a dedicated platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration. The replication of the 4BiOMed model in other diaspora locations like New York and Zürich, as outlined in the impact section, will further increase the beneficiary count. Estimating the contribution of beneficiaries to the project activities in Romania will be conducted after the event, considering the outcomes.

Biomentorhub Association


Biomentorhub is a youth non-profit and non-governmental organization focused on mentoring for young scientists and innovators in the bioscience and medicine fields from the Romanian diaspora and from Romania, supporting their professional development and