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Building a New Palliative Care Hospital with integrated services at Adunații Copăceni


Join Us in a Mission of Compassion

We're embarking on a heartfelt journey to establish Romania's first hospital dedicated to children's palliative care in Adunații-Copăceni, near Bucharest. This vital project represents the final, crucial piece in providing a full circle of care for children with incurable illnesses and their families, complementing the organization’s existing services of daycare, therapy, respite care, home care, as well as summer camps for children.

Your contribution is vital to ensuring every child, with a life-limiting illness, enjoys the highest quality of life, providing essential support for both: the child and their family.

Make a difference and be part of their story!

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Key Updates on Our Progress

Site Ready

Our existing site, complete with four functional buildings, is poised to welcome the new hospital, with steps underway to secure necessary building permissions.

Hospital Design

A 10-bed palliative care unit is in the works, including specialized care for very young children, designed pro-bono by renowned architect Dorin Stefan.

Eco-Friendly Vision

We’re committed to ecological sustainability in the hospital’s construction, managed by Optim Management.

Budget and Fundraising

With an estimated budget of €4 million, RUF is organizing a global campaign in support of HOSPICE Casa Speranței to build the hospital.


The Impact of Your Support

Direct Beneficiaries

Children needing intensive palliative care and their families.

The beneficiaries will be:

1. Children needing intensive palliative care – 200 admissions per year
2. Family members of the above - 400 family members


Educational Role

The unit will play an extremely important role in educating healthcare professionals about pediatric palliative care.

3. Specialist team trained to run unit – 12
4. Healthcare professionals attending training courses – 50 annually

The hospital will serve as a training hub for healthcare professionals in pediatric palliative care, building on our legacy of training over 32.000 training sessions in palliative care at our centers in Brasov and Bucharest.


Together, we can build more than a hospital - we're building hope, care, and compassion for children in need.

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