Asociația Maria Beatrice

The first MEDICAL CAMPUS in Romania
Dedicated to the Premature Child


Asociația Maria Beatrice has established the first Medical Campus in Romania, specifically focused on premature children and their families. All investments are made exclusively from the funds obtained by the Maria Beatrice non-governmental Association from donations and sponsorships.



Facilities and Services

  • A 5000 sqm building dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, therapy, monitoring, research, innovation, and family accommodation.
  • A 3000 sqm sensory garden, including animal-assisted therapy.
  • An overall space of 8000 sqm, designed to support both the child and the family emotionally, a facet often overlooked in Romania.

Progress and Development

  • Over 80% of the accommodation facilities are complete.
  • Ongoing development includes finishing the family accommodation building and external landscaping to make the campus fully operational.

Family-Centric Approach

  • Recognizes the entire family, especially the mother, as integral to the patient's therapy.
  • Emphasizes the physical and emotional comfort of the mother, impacting the child's well-being and therapy progress.
  • Involves the family in the therapy process, acknowledging their deep understanding of the child's history, personality, and needs.

Innovative Therapy Techniques

Includes siblings in therapy, utilizing them as effective communicators to the young patient.
Integrates pets into assisted therapy programs.

Team and Founders

  • Founded by the parents of Maria Beatrice, the team is driven by personal experience, dedication, and a deep understanding of the needs of families in similar situations.

Educational Programs & Targeted Medical Services

  • Covers a wide range of services, including evaluation, therapy, monitoring of prematurity, early intervention, functional assessment, parental counseling, and various medical recovery services
  • Specializes in neuromotor disorders, osteoarticular conditions, sports injuries, and offers multiple therapy modalities like physiotherapy, hydro-kinesiotherapy, and sensory integration
  • Implements educational programs focusing on the cause-effect relationship of lifestyle choices on health, targeting issues like stress, nutrition, and sedentary habits.
Maria Beatrice Non-gov. Association


Maria-Beatrice Association is a non-profit organization and the founders make constant efforts to provide treatment, therapies, support for the parents through Maria-Beatrice Center which was opened in 2012, for children with neuromotor conditions.