Aid for Ukrainian Refugees in Romania Rotary Camena Piatra Neamt

Dartmouth College 1964 alumni help Ukrainian refugees staying in Piatra Neamt, Romania.


Dartmouth Class of 1964 first appealed for financial support to its alumni in March 2022. We saw the need to prevent hunger and undue hardship of refugees, especially the children. We are appalled at the Russian aggression, including the killing of non-military people and the wanton destruction of housing, work places and businesses. The Ukrainian refugees we are assisting have no obvious means of support, so we’ve been helping meet their basic needs of food, bedding, clothing and medicine.

The funds raised are supporting about 100 refugees, women, and children in Piatra Neamt, Romania. Our partner is Rotary Camena Piatra Neamt, which manages 100% of the funds at no cost.



We are very grateful for your support.

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$18,024.00 raised so far. Help us get to $60,000.00