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We have Eastern Europe's first world-class long-distance trail, linking diverse regions and communities, allowing us to discover Transylvania and Romania, while enjoying unique experiences in an authentic, varied natural and cultural setting that we are proud of both locally and internationally.

Even if unexpectedly, Via Transilvanica has been taken by storm by the hikers who follow its path, it is still far from being so popular, to be able to support the project from the income generated by the tourist activities so far. So, the plan of the Tasuleasa Social Association is to build a very strong community around this great project that can support Via Transilvanica.

This community is already in the process of being formed and includes a very large number of hikers, volunteers, hosts, donors and sponsors who have participated in the realization of this project, but who wish to remain part of it. If you also want to be part of this community and play a role in the sustainability of the route, in promoting it after its completion, sign up here.

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