Donations for the Fight against Coronavirus/COVID-19

Our MagiCAMP Fundraiser raised over $360,000 and through our other over 530 Facebook campaigns, we raised until April 30th 2020 a total of $749,000 (the total to be reflected on this page as soon as it's transferred by Facebook). See COVID-19 campaign results.

All of this money will eventually be remitted to our partner organizations. Some of it has already been sent, and all of it is being carefully spent purchasing PPE, disinfectants, ventilators for patients, visors for doctors, tests and will otherwise go towards fighting Coronavirus in Romania.

* some money that was raised but not yet deposited by Facebook in our bank account by May 5th is not reflected on this page

** 100% of all donations made on this page are going to fight Coronavirus in Romania. Read more about our 100% Model

$1,118,798.46 raised so far. Help us get to $1,000,000.00

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RUF is a 100% pass-through fundraising platform**

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